Monday, October 11, 2010

BOOKTRYST: Marilyn Monroe: Avid Reader, Writer & Book Collector

Did you know Marilyn Monroe was a bookworm who loved to be photographed reading?

photo by Eve Arnold

 If you find Marilyn Monroe intriguing check out this article:  BOOKTRYST: Marilyn Monroe: Avid Reader, Writer & Book Collector.   The photos and facts are fascinating but wait till you see all the books listed from Marilyn's personal library! The woman had an enviable library-- among other things...

For more on Marilyn's real life beyond celebrity you may find this newly published  book of interest---  Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters by Marilyn Monroe.


  1. I never would have guessed that! In fact, I probably would have been less surprised to hear that she was illiterate. ;)

  2. Me too! But I think there was a lot more to stars from the old days than now. I watched a documentary about Bette Davis recently-- she narrated it herself and it was fascinating-- another smart lady! I'm not the fangirl sort but I do find stars from the glamourous eras of hollywood fascinating.

  3. +JMJ+

    That's nice to know about her! Wasn't she married to Arthur Miller for a short while? I know she admired his work, but I had always thought it was as a wife, and not as a (proper) reader.

    And now I sound elitist! =P

    But really, I do like knowing what the stars are reading--and I have a soft spot for glamourous, oft-photographed women who like being snapped with a book. =)

  4. Very cool! I just love her...and now even more.
    Yep, I love the old glamorous stars - Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe!

  5. I knew this about her, because among the thousands of books (an exaggeration?) in my mother's library is a catalogue of MM's personal effects to be auctioned at Southeby's. My mother's books are just wonderous...

  6. ...sigh.

    Yet another reason Marilyn and I are so alike...

    I linked this at Kate's Library as part of my Friday Five.

  7. Kate: haahaha, is it a curse or blessing being so like Marilyn? Thank you for the link but Booktryst should get the honor for this one-- such an interesting blog-- don't know how they constantly come up with fascinating literary topics--- could be because they are all librarians...

  8. E: yes, Marilyn's relationship with Miller was mentioned in the article-- apparently she held her own with his erudite friends but he hurt her feelings by being embarrassed by her. She was friends with other writers too.

    You don't sound elitist-- we were all thinking similar thoughts-- Except for DeLynne who was already in the know. Marilyn played the dumb blonde too well, I suppose, but she wasn't a natural blonde-- not that haircolor has anything to do with bookishness so no offense, blondies! But it is kinda funny, at least to this brunette! ;o)

    A few of the books I liked seeing in her library were the books on comedy-- I can just see her studying to hone her craft.


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