Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Bargain Book Bonanza

Welcome to Bargain Book Bonanza!

(BBB will be posted every other Monday until further notice)

A book haul linky party for bargain loving bookworms!

BBB is the place to showcase all the great books (new, used, vintage, electronic, audio) that you have scored on sale... dirt cheap... or even free.  

Each Monday through Thursday, all booklovers are invited to carouse, make merry and revel with bargain book abandon!

BBB book(s) do not have to be current purchases. If a past book bargain did not get the bravo it deserved from your real life friends/family, claim your bragging rights now!

To join the party:

1. Grab the BBB button

Bargain Book Bonanza

2. Post your own BBB post

3. Come back and link up your BBB post to the linky. 

4. Say Howdy! We will howdy back!

5. Mingle with other BBB guests! Make some new friends!

Easy as buying a bargain book!!

To learn how BBB came to exist, click here!

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