Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Books I Could Actually Stand...

Well hello there, book lovers! Okay, I admit, I have been very much on the slack side lately. I have gotten into the habit of just reading the same books over and over again, to avoid having to think. Lazy much? So I developed a post about books I could read again without wanting to shoot myself or the book or the people around me. So here goes.

1. The Key To Rondo by Emily Rodda

I actually didn't have a choice but to read this over and over again because it was for a competition called Reader's Cup. But I found it was the only book I didn't eventually get sick of taking notes about and analysing each paragraph.

I have always had a weak spot for fantasy: Harry Potter, The Shadow Thief, Series of Unfortunate Events, that kind of thing. This book was perfect because it didn't have that really dark aspect that sometimes keeps me away but did have the exciting fantasy.

In the book, A boy named Leo inherits a music box that comes with a strict set of rules. Mimi, Leo's hated cousin, and her dog come to stay. Quickly the strict rules are broken and they find themselves transported to a land ruled by the evil Blue Queen. This book is filled with quirky characters and nail-biting moments. Feel free to read it over and over again.

2. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

Alright, we've probably all seen the movie, but the book is ten times better!

It talks more in depth about things like her mother's death, her romance with Prince Charmont, and her curse. I guess when you talk about it  like this it sounds pretty typical fairy tale, but if it's anything it's probably anti-fairy tale.

Ella, a beautiful girl from the kingdom of Frell, despises the Prince, the most wanted boy in the whole kingdom. She protests for ogre rights and takes down the king, the evil one in the story. Lucinda, a fairy who bestowed a "gift" on her when she was very young, is a ditzy, stubborn woman.

The whole fairy tale concept gets turned on its head by this story. Lesa actually gave this to me! We all knew she had excellent taste.

3. Teen Vogue

I know, I know, it's not technically a book. I had to write about it, though, because I just read them over and over again! It is amazing the amount of times I can pick one up and notice something new. It's like with a goldfish, you put something new in their tank, and because they have such a short memory span, they get surprised every time they pass it! Okay, not the best comparison, but you get the idea.

 The magazine is filled with advice on problems I actually am facing, amazing fashion (not in my price range but what do you expect) and up-and-coming stars with interesting backgrounds (except that time they put Justin Bieber on the cover). It's also very affordable and I don't feel like my brain cells are frying every time I pick one up!

I really like the section where they photograph girls wearing things from their own closets. It reminds me to op-shop every now and again.

I know it isn't targeted for adults, but it makes a great gift for teenagers from 13-17 years of age. And my Mum likes it, too. But maybe that's just her.

Follow me, I'm desperate!


  1. I agree Izzy! Teen Vogue is amazing and Ella Enchanted was something I just couldn't put down! Great review! xo

  2. Love teen Vouge too, well anything Vouge, have been busy re-playing "The September Issue" all day yesterday while sewing, it's just something I do while creating. Would you like to swap links? I have a new little blogroll up, just put a little note in on my blog once my link is up. xx V

  3. This is such a great blog! I love that you share your favorite books, I am an avid reader myself! I remember reading Ella Enchanted many many many years ago and LOVING it!!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  4. Love Ella Enchanted! When I saw it in your post, I thought: I gave Izzy that book!! So happy you like it! Did you ever read Fairest? It is set in the same world as Ella.

    I've been wondering about the Key to Rondo ever since you mentioned it in our books that should be movies post. Sounds like a fun fantasy read!

    Well, your Mum is Vogue mad! haha

    And I agree: Girls should be gifted with magazine subscriptions. I felt the same way about my Teen and Seventeen magazines as you do about Teen Vogue.

    Terrific post!

  5. Hmmm, Ella Enchanted sounds good. I saw the movie and enjoyed it...

    I know what you mean about rereading books...sometimes I feel like reading, but don't want to use my brain much. Maybe it is because I am preoccupied or sometimes, I am just in a place I can't concentrate too much (dr's office).

    Great post!

  6. When I was on our boat cruising in the Pacific, I had a hard time coming up with new books, so I had to re-read whatever was on board (and of course, no internet to distract). Some of my Favorites to re-read were anything by Maeve Binchy. Have you read those, Izzy? Try "Evening Class" for your first one, maybe. Her characters are SUCH fun and they reappear in her other books which I love.
    I have a friend who teaches Young Adult Literature at a Uni in the states. I'm going to recommend your blog to her!

  7. Hi Izzy,

    I hadn't heard about the first book, but I loved Ella Enchanted. I read it in Children's Lit, and it took me to the end to realize it was a Cinderella story, duh. It was really awesome though!

    I enjoyed your post very much, and I'm going to go over to your site and become your newest follower.

    Take care,

    Kathy M.

  8. I didn't know Ella Enchanted was a book and can't believe I've missed it!

  9. Oh, yes, Vogue is me. I am Vogue.

    Izzy, I love how you 'comfort read' your fave books over and over again. It's like visiting old friends, isn't it?

  10. Thanks everyone for your kind words!
    I am folklore- I would love to swap links! I will put you in the sidebar of my blog. X

  11. Ella Enchanted was great, and so are the rest of the author's books! You should read them too, but I'm sure you already have :)

    I especially liked Teen Vogue as well. In fact, I still would subscribe to them now if only I had space to store them in.


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