Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Home remedies

Hello book-bloggers! I am not going to even try and excuse my long, dwindling absence but I can say that I am ecstatic to finally be doing a post I have probably had in my mind for about a month. For those who don't know who I am, this basically sums it up.

My hair (among many other beauty issues I am having right now) has become excessively dry lately. My hair is my child. It's as simple as that. I have been growing it since... well, forever... and the most important thing is to keep it nice and shiny. And you know, to respect my friends and family, make the most of life, etc etc.

Treatments for this kind of issue are incredibly expensive, I've discovered! I was displeased and got a cheap one that probably won't work for about $3. Back in the day when Mum used to be a hippie and Dad had a mullet, she made her own versions of these kinds of products out of the DIY beauty-bible, Bodycraft.

Bodycraft, surprisingly, is full of remedies for skin, hair and mind that look like they will actually work. My favourite categories are the bath oils, hair masks and perfumes. If you just buy a few essential oils and work with what you have in your pantry, you should be looking naturally beautiful and feeling pampered. Who doesn't love pampering? And aromatherapy bath oil recipes? 

Aromatherapy Bath Oil
- I cup brandy or vodka
- 5 teaspoons essential oils
- 3 teaspoons glycerine

Shake well and put one teaspoon of it in your bath!
(Excerpted from the book, pg 126)

I will try hard to post soon. When I finally get out of this bath I'm about to have!


  1. Izzy, I love how you write! You totally crack me up.

    I love those DIY beauty books - they are so much fun to experiment! That bath sounds great!

    That reminds me of something. I am sure this recipe was in your book, but I had to find something to calm my older son down when he was little. I was not going to "medicate" him, but I was going crazy bc he was going crazy.

    I looked online and there were small bottles of this spray for like $25 (I'm talking 4 ounces).
    So I researched and found a spray to make myself. It's called "Monster Spray" and it helps to relax and helps with anxiety (monsters). Basically, a spray bottle of 8 oz water, 12 drops of lavender eo, 12 drops of chamomile eo, and 8 drops of orange eo.
    That stuff WORKS! Truly stopped him mid-tantrum.
    It is also great for adults who are stressed...and everyone in between!

    Enjoyed you post today!

  2. When I think of relaxing with brandy or vodka a bath doesn't usually come to mind... ;)

  3. Vodka bath, giggle, you would need a really big straw.Seriously some fun ideas. Hugs

  4. Oh, I just love this post. Home beauty recipes are so much fun.

    I used to make bath salts, milk bath, and lip balm-- mainly to give as gifts. I've been wanting to get back into it so I will look for this book-- it sounds great and what a beautiful cover!

    And I've been wanting to try making soap for years-- there are some easy ways to make pretty bars of soap that I've run across in the last year.

    So many fun things to do and so little time!


  5. Leslie: Spritz some monster spray towards Ok, please!
    Sounds like amazing stuff-- You ought to market your own version.

    Lisa and Katherine: Hahahaahah

  6. Good post, Izzy. It reminds me that I once tried a similar recipe for hair, back when mine was long and thick. It used an egg. And I tried to rinse it out with hot water. And the egg cooked in my hair and smelled like breakfast for days!

  7. DeLynne: I always knew you were smart but you truly are an egghead! ;o)

  8. A bath would be so wonderful right now. But alas not to be. I'm on a blog hop and having a great time. When I not blogging, I can be found reading too. I am a Jane Austen fan and re-reading Emma. TFS your bath recipe. A bath and a book best medicine out.

  9. Chris: Hop over anytime. We like Austen too and did a group read of Emma last year and I just finished a reread of S&S. Never gets old. :o)

  10. Thanks to all the lovely people who are enjoying the post, tell us about your home remedies! X

  11. Thank you for linking up to the Thursday favorite things blog hop. Big Hugs!

  12. Ok, I have another eggy home remedy - an egg mask. Did someone say that? Well, beat an egg (I've read just the whites, but I use the whole egg. What am I gonna do with egg yolks? Cook with it?) and then apply to a clean face. Let it dry and rinse off. I repeat it several times.
    It helps get rid of acne and softens the face too, it's not harsh - I guess the only thing you'd have to worry about is if you have an egg allergy.


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