Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Monday, March 19, 2012

E-readers Are Not Evil! (vlog)

Hello, book buds! Did you notice my absence around blogland, Facebook and Twitter the last few weeks?  No? *note to self: Lesa is not the center of the universe*  Well, I have been enjoying a much needed social media sabbatical. 

And I have been utterly and completely obsessed preoccupied with my KindleFire.

Yes, I have joined the darkside ranks of the e-reader cheerleaders. (If you missed it, groove here to my KindleFire dance party) 

In fact, I am so thrilled with the KindleFire (and e-reading in general) that I decided to focus my first ever solo vlog on it. If you fear brainwashing don't have time to watch, scroll down to read my favorable and convincing first impressions.  

Apologies, the camera got too hot and stopped, hence part two.

What I'm liking about the Kindlefire:

It is very user friendly despite a very touchy touch screen. 

The background color, font, text size and brightness of a book page can be adjusted to suit personal preferences. It makes reading a book very easy on the eyes. And it does not look or feel like reading on a computer. 

The backlit screen allows reading in the dark! My favorite feature!! I can read at night while riding in the car! When I can pry it away from my child...  

By the way, if you have children consider getting them their own Kindlefire to fight over. My little boy loves reading books and playing free games on it.  He actually prefers it over his DSi XL. Grrr...

I like the novelty of streaming videos, music and accessing the web but the Kindlefire may be redundant if you already do that with other portable devices. If that is the case, try an e-reader that is for books only. 

What I'm loving about e-reading:

Free books! And not just classics. There seems to be an unlimited supply of 'new' fiction/non-fiction freebies available.  

Convenience! An entire portable library is at hand anytime anywhere. 

So any new converts among the e-reader naysayers and fence sitters? 

Testify, Brother and Sister Bookworms! 

E-readers are not evil!

E-readers are good!

Embrace e-readers!

Really, you will be delighted by how much an e-reader enhances your reading life. 

I kid you not. I still can't get over the wonder of this cool fun new way to read. 

And I am still reading physical books too... still buying 'real' bargain books... still borrowing books from the library.  

Using an e-reader hasn't changed anything regarding my love or use of physical books. It has only enhanced and added a new dimension to my reading life. 

So don't be as silly and stubborn as me, try an e-reader soon!


For those who viewed my vlogs, what did you think?

Have I not made a perfect drinking game vlog for book club night?!  Every time, Lesa flaps the Kindle cover take a swig! Every time,  she says 'fun', take two swigs!!

Hahahaha! Watching oneself on video is a real eye opener!  

I want to get better at this vlogging business so please share your tips and advice.  I'm very competitive with myself so I've already noted many ways to improve, such as:

1. Keep it short and to the point!  My challenge will be to keep future vlogs between 2 and 4 minutes long.  Feel free to place bets among yourselves. hahaha

2. Invest in an external microphone to eliminate camera noise and increase sound quality. 

3. Stop saying 'uh'. 

4. Stop playing with the props.

5. Sit still. Well, that one may be an impossible goal so at least sit in a non-squeaky chair. Which I did for part two. Did you notice?

6. Vlog when the lighting is best. The lighting had changed during part two and wasn't as nice.

Anything else? Be honest. Don't worry about hurting my feelings. I have no illusions and would prefer to avoid future embarrassment. ;)

Thank you so much for your help.

And many many thank yous for watching (and reading).

Until next time, hugs and happy reading! 


  1. +JMJ+

    Hey, Lesa! =D I certainly noticed your absence and am thrilled to see that you're back.

    You're such an entertaining vlogger. I loved listening to you gush about your new Kindle Fire. =) You make some good points, and I just realised that I could have totally used an eReader back when I was an English major in uni. I had to buy so many classics, basically paying only for the paper and ink. (Pride and Prejudice was one of them!) Had I had an eReader, I could have downloaded many required texts for free--and read them under the covers and in the dark without hurting my eyes, to boot! I'll bet this is what all current Lit students are doing.

    If I'm lightening up toward digital technology, it's because my cousin recently gifted me with an iPod. It doesn't come with as many freebies as an eReader would, but the convenience of having everything in one little device is truly priceless.

    1. Wow, thank you! I was originally inspired by your vlogs to give it a try so it means a lot that you enjoyed my first effort.

      Oh yes, I bet e-readers are so helpful for students. In more ways than just free books--- the kindlefire (and probably other ereaders) has a built in dictionary and highlighting for quotes and also note making capabilities.

      Ha, guess we are both joining the darkside or at least joining the 21st century! Thank goodness, for generous family gifters!

  2. I loved watching this! It made me miss you, and reminded me of our bookish conversation at Silver Dollar City. (I certainly hope we can manage a repeat of that someday.)

    Love your Superman PJs too!! :)

    1. Aw, I miss you too. Meeting up at SDC was so much fun! Yes, we must get together again-- maybe somewhere in the middle this summer? How about digging for diamonds in Ark? Or someplace with AC-- digging in the summer is too hot.

      They are Supermom PJs! ;o)

  3. I agree with you that e-readers are not evil. They are some really great and interesting devices which can help us to read wherever we go... they are little and portable. It's great that we can find sites like All you can books where we can download and choose from hundreds of very good titles.

  4. Welcome to the club. Should we try to convert Leslie? Or should we have a lone wolf woman?

  5. I am a lone wolf woman. I have tried the e-readers, read a WHOLE book. It WAS convenient. I won't say they are evil...very bad, maybe...wicked, perhaps...but evil?? I won't go THAT far.
    I just prefer paper still. SORRRY! I'll still cyberly hang out with you gadgety girls. But I'm NOT sharing my virtual lemon bar cookies while you are using an e-reader!

  6. And sorry, Lesa. My computer is heating up too and until I can clean out that fan area, I cannot view anything like videos. It's frustrating trying to get stuff done, it just shuts down.
    As soon as my DH cleans it, I'll check your vlog.


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