Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Books I have been forced to read

Hello there, bookworms!
I have not been present here in what seems like a lifetime, so let me introduce myself. I am Isabella, an almost fifteen-year-old-girl who loves to read. My specialities include girly-fluff novels (books with no substance), timeless classics I struggle to get through (I'm looking at you, Jane Austen) and of course, those wonderful books I am forced to read at school.

I usually have to write an in-class essay after I've read the book, making reading these books a painfully stressful process. Never have I actually read one of these books for a novel study and liked them. Ever. Here are a few of the wonderful gems I have gotten to read over my advanced English years. 

Outfall by Brian Ridden

I can't really remember much of this book. It was all a frantically-trying-to-get-an-A+ blur. Some details I remember, though, like that it was about a teenage surfer boy, he was protesting against something environmentally destructive and he had nightmares about sharks a lot. And the book had sexual references that we had to read aloud in class. Tee hee! 

A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove by James Moloney

We had to analyse this book so much that by the end I never wanted to hear it mentioned ever again. And I know that even if we didn't have to analyse so heavily, I still wouldn't have liked it. It's just so sad. The main character, Carl, is someone you just can't help but feel sorry for. He has a dysfunctional family, no social skills, and loves a girl who doesn't feel the same. I like to feel happy when I read, and this book just didn't do it for me. Of course it has a happy ending, but it just takes so long to get there. Read this if you're not a massive softie like me!

To Kill a Mocking-bird by Harper Lee

Ah yes, the classic tale of racism and justice. I think. I'm just taking a jab in the dark here because I have not actually gotten past the first chapter. I'll admit, it seems a little more interesting than the others, but I just can't bring myself to read it during the holidays. Boo Radley seems really scary. 

Who knows, maybe I'll read this one and actually enjoy it. Probably not. I'll keep you all posted. 


  1. Welcome back, Isabella! Great post as always! Never heard of the first two books but Outfall has a cool cover.

    It is too bad that school saps the fun out of reading, isn't it. Reading should be a joy.

    I guess I'm weird in that I loved reading for school but the tedious prose of some classics felt like wading through mud. ahem, Scarlett Letter.

    I've been rereading some of the classics from school and it is a whole different wonderful thing reading them as an adult. Even Scarlett Letter. And some of my rereads are like reading new books since I remember nothing about the story.

    Mockingbird is good-- hope you like it. If school ruins it for you, give it another shot in a few years.


  2. I rarely read the books we were assigned in school. I was just reading too much of what I wanted to read to have time for 'their' stuff. I will admit, though, when the class got into discussing the third chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird, I got hooked. There were two scenes and one remark in the book that has stayed with me all these 40+ years. I can still see the man on the ladder (I think it was a ladder) trying to fend off the attentions of the young woman and I can still see the young girl reading to the old woman. The other was the talk about how the jury deliberated for hours which was a step in the right direction. I think this and Catch 22, were the only assigned books I ever read.

    BTW, would you like to review a copy of The Healing Crystal book two Fall of Eden for an author friend of mine? I can get one sent to you if you like. (contact me at Book one Heir to Power received top choice award. is a site for reviewers 18 and under only.


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