Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lagniappes From The Library

Have you ever run across a word or saying that so tickles your fancy that you must sprinkle it in your own conversations? Maybe it is a colloquialism encountered while traveling or a word common to an earlier era read in a classic novel or even a word discovered in a dictionary. (yes, I can even get lost in reading a dictionary... but that is another story.)

One of my favorite word discoveries is lagniappe (lan-yap). I ran across the word while traveling in Southern Louisiana and New Orleans years ago and was completely charmed. A lagniappe is an unexpected gift, treat or benefit. For instance, if you purchase a book, the shopkeeper might give you a free bookmark or better yet, a praline. Such a lovely custom, don't you think?

By now, dear readers, it must be very apparent that I adore libraries. Just walking through the doors of a library is relaxing and mind clearing. Aaaah.... feels like home. A five minute run into the library inevitably turns into an hour or longer event. And I always leave with wonderful unexpected treats: lagniappes from the library.

In which I finagle a trip to the library:

My family drove into town to eat at a pizza buffet. The buffet didn't start for fifteen minutes. Hmmm, how could we occupy ourselves for fifteen minutes? Did not need anything from Walmart, thank goodness. With absolutely no ulterior motives, I very casually said: I could run into the library to recheck my book. After a few seconds of deafening silence, hubby drove to the library. As I exited the car, hubby and my 4 year old both asked: You're only going to recheck your book, right?

Riiight! Mwahahhahaa! No, I didn't really laugh in a maniacally evil way but I did snicker internally. They know me better than that! Actually, due to hunger, I had very good intentions but my family, untrusting souls that they are, followed me into the library within three minutes. Taking that as a green light, I (we) happily fell into the void; emerging an hour later with a rechecked book, plenty of lagniappes and ready to do a number on the buffet.

Lagniappes Du Jour:
First I spotted Going Bovine by Libba Bray on the new arrivals shelf. What a quirky eye catching cover! As soon as I scanned the synopsis, I knew it was the book for me. No way could I resist a loopy punk angel/possible hallucination with a bad sugar habit, a death obsessed video gaming dwarf, a yard gnome that might be the Viking god Balder and the mother of all road trips through a twisted America.

Has anyone else read it? I started it in the car (yes, before my other book was finished) and so far so good.

Next, on the twirly rack of paperbacks that don't have to be checked out, I found an F. Paul Wilson thriller, Deep As The Marrow, that I'd never read. Don't usually read medical type thrillers but I do like F. Paul Wilson so I took it on spec.

Also chatted with a couple of the librarians regarding the current trend of meshing classics with the paranormal genre. One librarian finds the idea intriguing and the other finds it to be a sacrilege. Interesting conversation. It is always a rare treat to visit with other bookish folks so I consider that a lagniappe too.

Finally, hunger pangs drove my family out the door. On the table of free magazines in the foyer, I found seven newish issues of Parents, Woman's Day and Photography. Now that is a fun lagniappe!

Now, lovely readers and bloggy friends:

Please share your favorite discovered word or saying.

What is the most memorable lagniappe you've received from a shopkeeper or stumbled upon serendipitously? Doesn't have to be book related. All lagniappes are wonderful.

Do you fall into the void at the library or bookstore too? My hypothesis is that there is a defect in the space/time continuum hovering over every library/bookstore. What other explanation could there be? ;D


  1. I love 'obstreperous'. It describes me perfectly at times!

    My girls like to use 'scatological', but hate the idea because they are so dainty.

  2. +JMJ+

    Is this going to be a meme? Like "Weekly Lagniappe" or something? ;)

    I haven't received any lagniappes lately, but I'll definitely remember to tell you when I do!

  3. Good word DeLynne-- I've been obstreperous a time or two myself.

    @E-- doubt it could be a real meme since other bloggers don't seem to be as into the library as I am. Oh, I guess if it was 'weekly lagniappe' it could be unexpected finds or treats from a bookstore as well...hmmm.

    Do tell when you get a lagniappe!


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