Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bloggy Connections and Silliness

Kathy The Literary Amnesiac posted about our adventurous real life momentous meeting and you can read her side of the story here. Kathy is a ton of fun and is not a serial killer so if you ever have the chance to meet up with her: Do It!

If you missed my post about meeting Kathy, click here to read A Tale Of Two Bloggers.

Two Bits Of Silliness

This one isn't remotely bookish but everytime I see myself in a photo I'm taken aback by my lack of stature. Really, no lie, in my day to day life, my height equals that of my friends (except when shopping for pants). So what is the deal: Do I shrink in photos or do I just have delusions of stature? Does anything about your appearance in photos not jive with your mental image of yourself?

This bit silliness is bookish in a roundabout way. Today, my little boy and I drove to the closest town to pick up a friend for a playdate. This was our first time to see the friend's house and what a shock! Never in my life have I seen such a pristine home. Even when my house is perfect it is a hundred times worse than this house. How the woman does it with three boys under age ten boggles the mind.

Lovely as it was, there was one problem I spotted immediately. Can you guess? There was nary a book in sight... or newspaper... or magazine. Hmm... now that I think about it, the kitchen/dining/living areas were devoid of any signs whatsoever of personality special interests (no toys even). Really, I don't feel so bad about my clutter now because that kind of home is not humanly possible. They are obviously...


  1. Yeah, I have no idea what happened in that picture because I'm sure we were the same height. I must have been standing on a rock. ;)

    I'm kind of glad you can't see my house right now . . . I think you might be overwhelmed by all of the "personality." But you would probably see a book everywhere you look!

  2. This made me smile! I am short-in-stature, but don't feel that way, and have the same experience when I see myself in photos. Ditto the books!

  3. +JMJ+

    Lesa, I first realised I was short in kindergarten, when my teacher told the class to line up according to our heights, shortest in front and tallest in the back. I thought to myself, "Oh, I guess that means I go in the middle, then"--because I naturally, modestly saw myself as average. (LOL!) As soon as the teacher saw me, however, she grabbed my arm and said, "No, Enbrethiliel! You go in the front!"

    You think it would have sunk in, but no! To this day, I still get surprised when people think I'm short. And some of my closest friends like to make jokes about me being tiny--but I never believe them until I see the photos. Then a few days pass and I forget all over again.

    I think what matters, Lesa, is that we feel just the right height, no matter how tall or short we are. =)

    As for the second bit of silliness . . . Hmmmmm. There just might be some connection between a pristine home and a lack of books--and no, I don't just mean in the sense of less clutter! =P I have a friend who is fond of quoting that old saw, "A clean home is a sign of a wasted life." LOL!

    And yes, the first thing I check out when I visit someone's home for the first time are his bookshelves. =)

  4. Without books or even a magazine must be a strange dwelling but it takes all kinds and this is still a free world!!!!

  5. Im sure I read an American Study that said that if kids have access to books around the house their more likely to go to college so you may as well embrase it.

    I always shrink in photos as well, I swear Im only slightly shorter than Chris IRL but in photos I look about half his height.

  6. size dysmorphia is evidently a cross species issue because my 100lb lab thinks she's a cairn terrier and thus entitled to lap time.

  7. Kathy: hahah-- I might try that rock trick! Bet I would feel more at home than overwhelmed.

    Bibli, E and Jess: How cool and funny to find out others of the petite persuasion have delusions of stature too. Must be a bonafide phenomemon!

    E: Thanks for sharing the cute Kindergarten story and love the clean home quote-- that will be my new motto!

    Mystica: Yep, free world, I reckon that is why they came to earth...

    Tracy: Funny! Dogs are such characters. Some little dogs think they are big ol' rottweilers-- must be some form of canine Napoleon syndrome.

  8. A very interesting blog - thanks for visiting mine

  9. OK, with your permission I will haha about your "free world" response. Classic!

    I also thought perhaps I should write to make sure that you are aware of the fact that your hubby is taller than you are. Just thought you ought to know, in case you hadn't noticed yet and you still thought the two of you were the same height. And this time it's not because any rocks are involved.

  10. Kathy: Yuk it up anytime, girl! Much better than hearing crickets... And thanks for the heads up! ;o)


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