Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Biblio-Blunder: Quiet in the Library!

Biblio-blunder is a recurrent feature in which the Mrs. BG gals (mainly me, unfortunately) share our bookish gaffes with the world. Click on the label biblio-blunder to read more. 

Have you missed my silliness? Possibly not with all the entertaining and informative posts published by the fabulously talented DeLynne, Izzy, Tracy and Leslie--- but I have certainly missed reporting all the silly bookish happenings from rural Oklahoma. 

Even with all the aggravations that have thwarted my blogging recently (hurricane flood, major work deadline, computer virus and worse), little absurdities continue to make me laugh (mainly at myself) and to perk up my day. Actually, this particular event was not so much a perk up as it was a jumpstart of adrenaline.

Now, it has been awhile since I have had a goofy doofus moment to share (or biblio-blunder as it is now known)--  but this one is a doozy:  

As I  sat in the school library totally immersed in speech therapy paperwork, an odd sound caught my attention. A hissing coffee maker sound. After ignoring it for a few seconds, I glanced around for the source. Nothing hissing on my table so I turned to get up and looming right behind me was a six foot tall figure that looked something like this:
AAIIEEEEEE!   Yep,  a bloodcurdling scream right smackdab in the middle of the library!  An oscar winning scream!  Okay... Okay.. that is an exaggeration but it was definitely a scream worthy of one of the  horror movies  that Enbrethiliel features at Shredded Cheddar. For all I know, librarian's ears pricked up world wide... Okay, that is another exaggeration but the mental image tickles me. 

What I do know is that the scream scared the bejeebers out of my lurker---  which gave me immense satisfaction. Mwahahahha!

Poor lurker---  He exclaimed: Didn't you hear me breathing!!
As if the scream was my fault!  Wonder if my claim that he sounded like a coffee maker crushed his ego? Probably not if the heehaws, as he raced down the hall, were any indication.

Vengeance will be mine though. You see, I have discovered his identity...

Have you ever committed a 'too loud' biblio-blunder in a library?  


  1. That truly made me laugh out loud!
    My biblio blunders were not near so entertaining! I just have loud kids - in particular, a little girl who shrieks about things being "CUTE!" - i.e. picture books of babies, of animals, of baby animals....

  2. But why was the person lurking and breathing near you......? :/

  3. Sam: ha-- just my luck to be an easy target for a prank, I guess--- but if it happens again, I may have a stalker on my hands rather than a lurker.

  4. +JMJ+


    Lesa, you are now an honourary Scream Queen! =D

    I had a friend who was in one of the uni library's elevators alone, when the doors parted and in walked . . . a bear! Well, to be accurate, a student in a bear suit. =P

    There had been incidents all over uni of "bears" running into lecture theatres and disrupting classes by dancing around, but pretty much doing no harm. Since the School of Psychology got most of the pranksters, my friend (a Psych major!) assumed the main motivation was to protest against animal testing in the labs.

    But even after all those experiences, it was still something else to be alone in a small elevator with a big brown bear! She held her breath until he got off. She was so scared! LOL!

    Well, it's not quite a biblio blunder and wasn't loud by any means, but it took place in a library! =D

  5. Leslie: mine is loud too-- I really notice it when we go to a normal quiet library-- our county library is not so strict.

    E: That would be a bit startling to see a bear walk into an elevator-- he deserved a scream-- I would have screamed! Too bad there isn't a video-- would be funny to see your friend's expression.

    but why a bear? Wouldn't a mouse or rat make more of a statement for the cause?

  6. +JMJ+

    My guess is that bear costumes were the easiest ones to get, in the numbers they needed. =P

    But the anti-animal testing motive is just a theory. I don't think anyone ever figured out what those bears were about! LOL!


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