Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Treasures: Back in the School Library!

 Tuesday Treasures is a recurrent feature in which I share the bookish distractions that catch my eye in the school library I work in on Tuesday. I'm not the librarian; I am the speech pathologist. You will hear no complaints from me about sharing a workspace-- this little old school library collection is chock full of wonderful treasures. Plus, I get to release my inner-librarian. The students who wander in looking for books assume I am the Tuesday Librarian.

I've been attempting to share Tuesday Treasure news since school started but was constantly thwarted the whole month of September. Do you know what a drag it is to have to re-upload all your photos and download editing programs ect? Well, that was the least of my troubles but still a major pain. Back in biz now though!

You may remember that last year the school library moved into my smallish classroom due to flooding-- which pleased me tremendously. (the move-in not the flood)  I was so anticipating the return to my cozy library workspace-- but guess what, when I walked into my room there was nary a book-- yep, the library had moved back to its previous location. Even worse, alternative ed was scheduled to be in my room in the mornings.  Did I despair? Nope, like any respectable bookworm, I followed my nose straight to the books and set up shop! 

As soon as I plopped down at the librarian's desk and glanced at this cart, I knew following the library was the right decision.

Just as special as meeting a longlost friend for a cozy chat! I've read seven {Gatsby, Scarlett Letter, GWTW, P&P, Huck Finn, Jane Eyre, Old Man) and two are favorite rereads-- definitely a good sign, don't you think.  How many have you read? If needed, click to enlarge the photos.

My speech therapy table-- I've spotted an amazing vintage series in this corner that makes my little bookish heart go pitter-pat. It will definitely feature in a Tuesday Treasure post.

There was no room for this picture book U in my old classroom. Now the books are shelved properly rather than stacked in piles. Yes, I've already spotted a few treasures here too.

This library is very spacious-- it has three doors and is the size of two very large or three smallish classrooms. So not as cozy as last year-- the librarian and I both miss the coziness but the space is better for the students.

The librarian and I maintain the 'cozy' by chatting through little notes left for each other under the computer keyboard. 

You know, cozy is where you find it and cozy is as cozy does-- yes, yes, it has been one of those nutty days and I'm channeling Madonna and Forest Gump-- so strike a pose and that is all I have to say about that!


  1. Yah, I could be comfy there too. How do you get anything done with all those great books around??

  2. +JMJ+

    Would you believe I've read only four books on that cart? Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, The Old Man and the Sea, and Huckleberry Finn--and the last book way back before I was even a teenager! =S

    Must get cracking on the classics!!!

  3. Leslie: I do get distracted and off schedule-- I 'come to' standing at the shelves not knowing how much time has passed. So many cool old vintage books-- really old editions-- that other school libraries just don't have anymore.

    E: Yep, you better get cracking but did you look at the first pic of the whole cart? you may have read more-- some childrens and MG books like Indian in the Cupboard, Wimpy Kid ect are on there too.

  4. I've always loved libraries...the quiet, the smell of hard bound books, the faces of the folks reading or studying - they are truly special places. Here in New England we are lucky to have many historic libraries both public and private - in my neck of the world I have access to the library where Edgar Allen Poe courted the Poet Sarah Whitman - when visiting you can almost feel the ghosts of scholars past. You are very lucky to be able to spend your days in this wonderful environment.
    BTW - love your site....and much big love for the blogroll link.

  5. Looks like a lovely school library. I run the library at the school I teach in and I am jealous of all their space & variety of books!


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