Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In Which An Intrepid Reader Receives Aggravating News

Can you read anytime anyplace?

Zoning out with a book, regardless of my surroundings, has never been a problem for me. 

Noise or commotion? Totally tuned out. 

 If there is enough light, I read.  Even if there isn't enough light, I read. Tilting a  book every which way to catch the last rays of sun at dusk while riding in a car-- I'm a pro, baby! 

Reading is just what I do. Family and friends know that is what I do. So when my hub, Jim,  teased me in the waiting room of my glaucoma specialist (Yep, I'm a freak of nature youngish person with glaucoma)  about being an 'Intrepid Reader', I was clueless.  And annoyed-- you know how it is to be jarred out of a book.

Really, what's so intrepid about reading in a waiting room? Everyone does that. So yeah, I was doubly annoyed for being inanely interrupted.  Before I could get too cross, he said:  Your eyes are dilated.

Ah, then I got it. Reading with blurry vision from dilated eyes.

 Folks, that isn't just intrepid that is hardcore! 

Of course, I had Jim take a picture of me reading intrepidly.  Then the silliness triggered an impromptu photo shoot. 

My book: Alice Walker's Temple of my Familiar.  Very very good and a sequel to The Color Purple. Have you read it? 
 It was an all around good ol' time, for a doctor visit that is, then came some aggravating news that will wreak havoc with the rest of my summer fun.

Surgery on my left eye.  Waah!

I had surgery to place a teeny tiny shunt in my right eye two years ago with good results so I'm not too worried about the surgery-- it isn't even very painful afterwards just uncomfortable-- but the post op care is a very big pain. It goes on for months with sleeping eye patches, ointment and step down prednisone eyedrops but the thing that impacts summer is no lifting or bending for six weeks-- and no swimming, waterparks, rollercoasters ect. 

 I repeat: Waah!

My surgery is today and I've spent the last three weeks in a frenzy of activity. Believe me, attempting to fit a whole summer's worth of gardening, home projects and fun into three weeks is exhausting and I've barely made a dent!

But I refuse to worry about all the summer cleaning and home improvement that won't get done.  

Like DeLynne said: Vision is a gift one only gets once.  

So everything else is secondary to maintaining vision.  

Besides, helping out is what minions family is for, right? 


  1. BUM. MER.
    In the grand scheme of things, this "inconvenience" of losing your summer is no biggie....but grrr! Your poor minions!

    Very funny photo shoot. I read like that too when my family lets me get away with it. That's not very often. :(

    All the best to you and your family. No stress, please, about stuff that has to be done. That's not allowed!

  2. Thanks, Leslie! It is a bummer but 'No stress and be kind to minions' will be my mantra.

    I'm most stressed about no food allowed till after my afternoon surgery. That is just inhumane!! So I'm up at 6:30 a.m. eating a feast of Jello (yum yum) then hoping to get a couple more of hours sleep.

  3. Reading with blurry vision is hard core! I love it! Love the photos!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope that it goes well and that you still have an enjoyable summer.

  4. Good luck with the surgery, make sure your family pamper you before and after! :P
    My Mum has glaucoma and I have raised pressure (at 25). I've got to have some lasering and hopefully everything will be fine after that.

  5. All the best with the surgery, Lesa!

    I guess, maybe, in this case an audio book would come in handy.:D

    What kind of surgery is this? I had one to close some holes in my retina. My doc said the very next day after the operation I could watch tv, and the day after that that I could start reading. So, was just wondering what this one was for...

  6. Best wishes for the surgery! Glad your family is there to help you out!

  7. Wahhh!

    Sorry for this hassle, but I'm sure you'll be back in no time - with awesome vision to boot ;)

    I hope everything goes well. And don't worry - I know it will. Happy reading to you!

  8. Thanks for all the good thoughts!

    Surgery went well-- I've been resting at the hotel and get my bandage removed tomorrow.

    The happy juice wore off around 6pm so taking tylenol but it doesn't seem as sore as last time-- Yay! Maybe my eye will be less creepy looking than last time too. Last time my little boy said: You looked better with the bandage on! hahah

  9. Tiny Library: Sorry your mother has it. wise of you to monitor your eyes since many times there is a genetic predisposition. I have no family history of glaucoma that I know of so was lucky that it was caught in a routine visual field screening when I went to get a new glasses prescription about ten years ago.

    Good luck with the lasering-- do you already have optic nerve damage or visual field loss? Have you already tried eyedrops to lower the pressure?

  10. Risa: I don't think I will have any reading restrictions-- probably will depend on blurriness and discomfort. I'm planning on watching lots of movies and movies from books though. Yep, audiobooks may save the day!

    So glad your surgery turned out so well. You are very fortunate. My mom had a detached retina repaired and had complicated post-op care.

    My surgery is for glaucoma. A tiny shunt was placed in my eye to lower pressure which will hopefully prevent anymore optic nerve damage/visual field loss.


  11. +JMJ+

    I can't believe I read this so late! =( Lesa, I really hope your surgery went well and that you're all right now. Your two minions had better be helping out now that the summer is here!

  12. Thanks E! My vision is giving me fits but I'm trying to get back to bloggy business. the minions are still alive so that is a good sign. hahhaahhaa


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