Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Test of Bookishness

Check out this swoonworthy photo from a decor blog that I ran across while participating in a photo meme linky party with my other blog, Dusty Us Diaries.

The theme of the entire post was pillows...

image via Classic Casual Home blog
Pillows? What pillows? Do you see any pillows?


Okay, so I did see the pillows after awhile and they are lovely pillows but that amazing bookcase... Wow!

As a Test of Bookishness, I asked my family what they noticed first about the photo...

My six year old said:  Pretty couch!  Oh well, he is still a bookworm in training. 

Hub said: Built ins!  That's my bookish man! 

Just how bookish are you? What did you notice first about the photo? 

Run your own Test of Bookishness experiment with your family/friends and report back... I'd love to hear the results.  


  1. I have always thought beauty and function can live together in harmony, so I loved the feeling of order mixed with color. The bookshelves stood out first, tho -- someday I'll have my book nook.

  2. I noticed: Bookshelves, lamps, pillows, couch. I guess it says something that I looked to the pillows before the couch, but that could be because you mentioned pillows!

  3. The books, but at the same time the orange. I am in an orange mode lately and loving that shade on the pillows. Didn't notice pillows, per se, but that warm cozy reading-y orange.

  4. Haha I am guilty of actually looking at the photo first before what you wrote, so I was immediately like, "Wow, books!" and started drooling.

    I didn't know this was an actual "test" ;) Well then there goes my answer.

  5. Actually I'm in the process of planning and designing a book nook for us so I see bookshelves everywhere. That's definitely the first thing I saw in this photo.

  6. Yay! But I suspected all of you would see the bookcase first.

    I just showed my non-bookish mom this photo and asked what she noticed first-- yep, she said: 'Sofa-- I love pillows!'

  7. The pillows are nice- but the bookcases are amazing!


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