Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Man's Got to Have a Hobby

Caveat; my copy of this book is currently loaned to a friend, so I’ve written by memory.

William McInnes is a well-known, spunky Australian actor most famous for his role in my favourite TV series Sea Change. In Aussie lingo ‘sea change’ literally means quitting your high-powered job and downsizing your life to move to a small beach community. Figuratively it means any huge life change.

So, spunky Aussie actor decides to write a book. Should we read it or stick to perving at him on the screen? A Man's Got to Have a Hobby is a memoir of his childhood, with particular attention to his dad. He grew up less than an hour from where I live now, in a rambling house in a beach community with lots of brothers and sisters, an aunty and his parents. The house was on a battle axe (shaped) block next to the fire station, and
McInnes recounts these years with skill, tenderness and humour.

McInnes paints portraits so clearly, I feel as if I knew his family through mutual friends. His parents were eccentric, and his childhood almost Tom Sawyer-esque in its freedoms and adventures. The entertaining neighbourhood characters wander in and out of the family’s life and home. What I found most touching was the relationship between the adults; his parents were in love with each other and fond of his aunty.

The protagonist, however, is his dad, and
McInnes describes a man less fettered by the common drumbeat. He was a man of integrity, good humour, and industry, always busy with a project and ready to help a friend. His one-liners had me laughing out loud.

Except for one very brief scene, this book is appropriate for any age, and I was disappointed I couldn’t let my eleven year old read it. It did, however, make a great gift for Hubby. I recommend you read it, even if you’ve never seen the spunky man on TV. He writes as good as he looks.


  1. Wow, had to google this guy after hearing you describe him. Not so bad, but I do like my Russell Crowe a tad more...LOL.

    This books sounds great.

    If I love Tim Winton books, can you recommend something similar? I've read them all (so sad, I should have savored them more).


  2. Just last night after rummaging thoughts over the few I've just finished (and not that they weren't over the top great), but I'm looking for a sigh and a little LIGHT humor!

    Sounds like this one is just what I need!

  3. ooops! just went to Amazon Yikes! Read $18.33!

    I'm going for my piggy bank, and shake loose what I can...but wonder if a copy is available in the library?

  4. If your library doesn't have it, they can get it for you from any library in the country-- interlibrary loan-- and it only costs $1. Keep an eye out for the Steve Martin memoir I mentioned too--- for more humor.

    Thanks for not thinking we two blogging buddies are big ol' fluffheads! I read your memoir post on your blog from last May so know you prefer introspective soul shaking serious memoirs.

  5. Well, Amy, since Lesa brought this up I will confess to not reading much Tim all. (Hubby does, though.) I have, however, made some inquiries and am looking at books that are similar that you might like.

    Funny, I didn't know how to confess and was procrastinating about responding to your question!

    RYCJ, let me know if you still can't find it...

  6. thanks...I've added it to my wish list to remind me.

  7. ...and oh...LOL...I am the biggest fluffhead! Just a sucker for a good memoir, though just what does good mean? Best way to put it, it holds my attention...though I must admit I prefer the ones w/more humor. These few I just finished...whoa - they were good, but maybe a little too good. Now I need a picker upper to bounce back!


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