Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Temptation! Holland Hall Book Fair!

What to do...What to do?

As I bustled around preparing for work this morning, the words 'book fair' on the Tulsa morning news show grabbed my attention. Instantly, I went on point! Books? A book fair? When? Where? Oh, I waited on tenterhooks for the commercial break to end. Surely, the book fair must be special... I mean, really, how many book fairs make the morning news?

Turns out that it isn't just a special book fair; it is a spectacular book fair! It is the Holland Hall 50th anniversary book fair. Here is a description from their website:
Holland Hall Book Fair
This Holland Hall tradition attracts thousands from Tulsa and the surrounding region. It features tens of thousands of used books with a huge selection of rare books, children’s books, games, puzzles, stuffed animals, CDs, videos and DVDs.

Could have knocked me over with a feather! Tens of thousands of books?! And it is an annual event that I've missed since I moved to Oklahoma 25 years ago!! Oh, the agony of missed opportunities!

Definitely a situation that needs rectifying but here is my dilemma: My family has spent the last two Saturdays in Tulsa for other events. Sundays are just not enough time to rest plus prep for the week ahead... so the homefront is in dire need of attention. My weekend projects: Cleaning, tackling a years worth of receipts for taxes, and playing with my poor neglected child. (mommy guilt). Hubby's projects: Setting up a new laptop and rousting a raccoon out of the attic... plus a few more jobs that he is as of yet unaware. ;D

Quite the conundrum, isn't it. And Mr. Cozy Book Nook is absolutely no help what so ever in keeping me on the straight and narrow. Hubby is even more easily led astray than moi and is itching to get his fingers on the CDs, DVDs and special interest books.

Just think of all the amazing treasures waiting to be discovered. Bet there are some games and picture books perfect for Little Cozy Book Nook... and cookbooks... and garden books... and bios... and fiction galore. And what could be in the rare book section? That one really has me curious.

So will we or won't we? Shall we or shan't we?

What would you do? Stay home like good little girls and boys or go play at the fair.

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