Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Top Ten Picks: Favorite Love Stories

This week Jillian's Top Ten Picks topic is favorite love stories from books, film, tv ect. Who doesn't adore a great romance?! If you would like to join in the fun, post your picks and head over to Jillian's Random Ramblings to link up.

My favorite romances usually contain one or more of the following components: fairytale elements, witty repartee, quirkiness, fun, tempestuousness, ladies with moxie and rakes with redeeming qualities... oh, and I do like bad boys... pirates, swashbucklers... sorry, I digress, maybe favorite bad boys will be a future Top Ten Picks. (hint hint Jillian)

1. Scarlett and Rhett

I do love tempestuous...

2. Gigi and Gaston

Gigi is one of the most charming and delightful fairytale-esque musical love stories of all time!

Have you read the novella Gigi by Colette that this musical was based on? I haven't but I hope to find it. The author's adventurous life and notorious love affairs and other literary works are very intriguing. Wonder if DeLynne has read any of the original French versions of Colette's novels?

3. Adam and Amanda Bonner

Classic movies have such clever romances and Adam's Rib is one of the best... like Madonna sings in Vogue: ladies with an attitude.. fellows that were in the mood.

In case you have never seen this movie, Adam and Amanda are married lawyers who take opposing sides of a case involving a woman shooting at her cheating husband. Passions run hot... this couple is so in love and the flirting is delightful... but, they become so furious with each other. The under-the-breath insults they trade in the court room are hysterical. This movie is worth seeing for the romance, comedy and the depiction of feminism and chauvinism in the late 40s.

(These old movie trailers are a hoot and very different from trailers today. I noticed that there are no spoilers or best lines shown in the old trailers)

4. Shrek and Fiona

The perfect fairytale couple to represent my love of fairytales-- and I love them all from Pretty Woman to Princess Diaries to Ella Enchanted to all the Disney's...

5. Sandy and Danny

The romance movie of my pre-teen years. If only I had a dollar for everytime I've watched it. Apparently, I am hopelessly devoted...

6. Han Solo and Princess Leia

Just did a Stars Wars Marathon (my little boy's first) and, yeah, these two are more hokey than my teen self thought back in the day but I still love them.

7. The Thorn Birds

I have not seen the mini-series or read the book in over twenty years but I'll never forget the passion between Meggie and Father Ralph... (Isn't Ralph a particularly unsexy name though-- What was McCullough thinking?! I can't imagine anyone moaning 'Oh, Ralph' in the midst of ectasy or even whispering it lovingly.. it reminds me of retching!)

8. Strictly Ballroom

A wonderfully quirky fairytale romance... yes, I know my number four covers this one but I do love it so...

9. Ghost

I don't usually do sad but...

10. Sweet Home Alabama

I gotta love the quirky South... since I resemble that remark.

In case you are wondering about all the romances in my beloved books, yes, they are definitely favorites. I adore Elizabeth and Darcy, Anne and Gilbert, Aragorn and Arwen ect but they have all been well represented on everyone else's Top Ten Picks. Please check them out here .


  1. oh I love strictly ballroom, its the only film with dancing in it that chris will watch as well!

    I forgot about the Thornbirds, haven't read that in years.

  2. You have some great ones there! :)

  3. Great choices. I love that you picked ones not on everyone else's lists lol

  4. Grease has got to be one of my favorite musical/movies of all time!
    Gigi too..
    Oh and well, I did love Gone with the Wind..
    Gosh, such awesome picks, Lesa!

    I have never watched Adam's Rib, but you already know my love for old films and such, and I will definitely check this one out soon.

  5. I have got some watching and reading to do, Lesa! I have never seen or read Gigi. Must get busy...


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