Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wallowing In Precious Time

Freedom is sinking in and I am settling in for a good long wallow. Wallow, you ask? Oh yes, lots of delightful wallowing is about to commence. Why, you ask? Because...
♫ School's out for summer! ♫

Alice Cooper on the Muppet Show-- Too Cool!

Time to do anything, everything or nothing is wonderful but it does take a day or two to sink in. Wednesday afternoon, the Cozy Book Nook family went to see How To Train Your Dragon to kick off our traditional summer movie-ganza. Thursday was basic housekeeping day and a town run to prep for Little Cozy Book Nook's playdate on Friday.

So two busy days that could have been any weekend except it was the middle of the week... summer time freedom began to settle over me like a cozy comforter. Then Thursday night, I actually joined the family to watch a dvd movie... an entire movie on a weeknight with no multi-tasking involved... freedom tickled around the edges of my psyche.

Friday morning it happened.... the aaahhh moment... the summer holiday is actually here moment... the no job for two and half months and loads of precious time moment. Pure bliss! Can you guess what triggered this joyous awakening? Just the simple act of reading a whole magazine over a bowl of cereal. :o)

Sounds mundane, I know, but having time for the mundane is wallow-worthy in my book. So here I am wallowing in all the amazing potential summer has to offer. Wallowing over time for: sleeping... serious but leisurely decluttering... home improvement projects... gardening (not weeding but the beauty and eating involved)... killing poison ivy (yeah, I'm vicious)... traveling... trying new recipes... working puzzles and playing games... running through sprinklers... and, of course, reading... glorious summer reading.

Will I make much of a dent in my TBR mountain? I don't know... the library always has intriguing summer offerings to lead me astray but I do know this much: I will definitely get to the bottom of my magazine TBR stack. It is a whole lot shorter!

Happy Summer to all the educators... and to everyone else too!


  1. W00ohooo, Summer!
    Is traveling one of the many things you can do this summer? Maybe even plan a day trip or two? I always try to make a list of places I want to go to -- um, realistic places, that is! Haha. Places that I can go to without spending too much $$ and without using the plane.
    The possibilities are endless, Lesa. Have fun :) I'd love to see pictures of your garden, btw. I bet it's lovely.

  2. +JMJ+

    What I love most about having a job in the "education industry" (which isn't my favourite term in the world but never mind) is getting to keep my summer holidays!

    Have fun, Lesa! =D

  3. Lesa, enjoy your wallow: I know you deserve it! My wallowing commences on June 11th;)

  4. That IS a wonderful feeling of freedom! Enjoy! The months pass so quickly.

  5. I am so envious! We are getting a break in 3 weeks, though. And our long Summer holiday for Christmas. So I'll just have to wait.

  6. This sounds absolutely lovely. I can precisely imagine how wonderful it must have been to linger over your cereal and magazine.

  7. What a hectic world we live in-- I knew you guys would understand exactly where I was coming from!

    Jillian-- yes, we do lots of summer travel but I didn't get my little boy's passport as I intended so nothing exotic this time-- hope to get to SF to visit my baby brother. Actually, we are going to try our darndest to hang around a bit more and work on our house before it falls down!

    DeLynne-- I'll return the envy next Christmas when we're only out for two weeks. ;)


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