Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Capricious Book Gods

Those capricious book gods have been taunting and tormenting this poor bookless waif for the last week and a half. Actually, I could never be a bookless waif since I am loaded with books to read--- but when I want a book I want it now! Sounds a bit Scarlett-esque doesn't it-- maybe I am just a spoiled book brat but really I can not believe my awful book luck lately.

On top of the outlet mall bookstore no longer existing, my favorite little county library gave the new Special Agent Pendergast novel to someone else while I was on hold for it.

Another disappointment but kind of my fault. After a long meandering drive home from the Ozarks, I was too exhausted to go back to town for it when the voicemail came in that Pendergast was available. Went into town the next day forgetting that the library closes at 5 pm on friday. Drat! When I finally get there at a proper time the book is gone-- to supposedly a fast reader. Better be a speedreader is all I can say!

As if that wasn't enough, last Saturday we visit a library in a nearby county. Of course we arrive ten minutes before the 12:30 closing time-- Er!! I quickly glanced at the newbooks and spotted The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.

Never heard of it or the author but the cover was beautiful and the first lines of the synopsis captivated me: A tiny girl is abandoned on a ship headed for Australia in 1913. She arrives completely alone with nothing but a small suitcase containing a few clothes and a single book-- a beautiful volume of fairy tales.

A multi-generational mystery, garden, fairy tales, Australia to Cornwall. How intriguing! My reading material has been ho-hum lately-- not even blogworthy so you can imagine my excitement at discovering this book.

Couldn't wait to start reading it so asked hubby to check it out for me--- he has a card for that library. Hubby dutifully took out his wallet and to my horror reported no card!! Apparently, it was still in his old funky wallet-- I was completely stunned.

What to do? Panic? Stomp and scream? No, I politely, charmingly and desperately asked the librarian if she could possibly check it out for me via computer. My charm did the trick or maybe the librarian was just alarmed by my wildeyed desperation-- no matter-- she gave it the good ol' college try. All to no avail-- couldn't find hubby in the computer!!!

Can you imagine how awful it was to leave the book? At least they put it on hold but I had to wait till Tuesday to get it-- libraries are closed on Memorial Day.

Tuesday, the Cozy Book Nooks scurried to the library with our non-bookish company in tow. At first the librarian (a different one) couldn't find my book but I marched right behind the circulation desk and pointed it out. Sometimes a bookworm has gotta do what a bookworm has gotta do-- and I was not going to be thwarted again!

Guess the book gods were appeased by my bookish dedication because they finally smiled on me. I couldn't linger long (company) but I glanced again at the new book shelf and found another book. Yippee!

I've never read a Heather Graham novel but I recently read a very suspenseful shortstory by her in my Thriller book.

Home in time for Christmas isn't a thriller but a magical time travel romantic novel. Another intriguing synopsis and the rest is history...

Couldn't wait so I'm reading both simultaneaously. The garden one is my upstairs bed book and the Christmas one is my downstairs dining/avoiding work book.

Both stories are compelling and enthralling. Just can't express how positively and absolutely delighted and thrilled-- yes, I know-- over the top gushing but I'm trying to keep those capricious book gods appeased! ;o)


  1. I highly recommend The Forgotten Garden, Lesa. It's a beautiful book. I think you'll like it! :)

  2. +JMJ+

    Oh, Lesa! Those book gods are fickle, aren't they? =P

    A few months ago, I really wanted a book about the bombing of Manila during World War II, but couldn't afford to buy it yet. Genius that I was, I didn't bother to remember the title, because nobody else in the world would want a pedantic history book on newsprint, right? Ha! One week later, I went back to the bookstore, and all copies of the book were gone!!! =O

    You would have laughed, hearing me ask the saleslady for "the red book that used to be shelved right here." But I was inconsolable for the rest of the day. =(

    Who knows? Maybe my story shall have a happy ending, too! If nothing, I can hope, right? ;-)

  3. Oh E! That is enough to drive a bookworm mad! Here's hoping the bookgods will place the book within your reach soon! Have you checked the library? Even you don't know the title, sometimes librarians can figure it out.


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