Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to Make Beautiful Book Covers Times Two

A few weeks ago while participating with my other blog in the Nifty Thrifty Tuesday linky party hosted by Coastal Charm, I spotted books in three thumbnail links.   

Wow! These bloggers featured beautiful bookish decor ideas!   I immediately asked each one if I could share a link/photo with Mrs. BG's readers and all three bloggers graciously gave permission. 

The two that I am highlighting today showcased eye catching do it yourself bookcovers with easy to follow tutorials. Please click the links to see more of these bloggers lovely photos and learn how to make your own beautiful book covers. Be sure and let them know you are visiting from Mrs. BG.

Aren't these the prettiest book covers ever!  And so easy to make--  just check out this  book cover tutorial  presented by Judy at DIY by Design.  

While you are there, explore some of Judy's other DIY tutorials and decor ideas for inspiration. I love these almost no-sew pillows  and I almost think even I could make them. Just perfect for a sunny reading nook/garden room or reading porch. If only I had a sunny reading nook/garden room or reading porch...

  Sherry at The Charm of Home  displayed wonderful vintage look book covers.  These book covers were inspired by the potions lab set in the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Love it! And much more appealing for us bookworms than the mutilated books offered as objets d'art by Restoration Hardware, don't you think.              

To make your own vintage book covers, check out Sherry's book cover tutorial 
Looks like a fun  project with easy to follow steps-- easy enough for even the most DIY challenged book lover! 

As a little lagniappe for any of you with a predilection for blue and white china (you know who you are), stop by for high tea with Sherry. Beautiful and scrumptious!

Do you or would you ever make book covers?

I plan to try. Lord knows, I love books in all their natural glory (even old ratty books) but these book covers are spectacular! Would certainly add pizazz to my  clutter decor, that's for sure.


  1. Thank you! I am glad to offer a alternative to the torn up books. Hope it helps.

  2. +JMJ+

    They are pretty, but I just don't think I'd ever make my own book covers. I'm just not the craftsy type, I'm afraid!

  3. what what? blue and white? where? where?!

    as re: the book covers, sadly I'm with E on this. Though I have done it to protect a few older books they're not pretty. even worse, it's not a lack of ability, it's apathy, but this may inspire me to get busy.

  4. I am with Tracy and E. Not very craftsy.
    But, these ARE pretty...perhaps I shall try, I shall.

  5. Ha! Notice I said I 'plan' to try-- that is the equivalent of 'when I get around to it'-- and we all know how that goes.

    I might dig out some old text books to experiment on. the only prob is that my house is so funky that a pretty book just lying on a table would look sooo out of place. If Sherry or Judy saw the dusty leaning tower of picture books/novels on my nightstand aka tv tray, they would either run screaming or give me an intervention!!

    Tracy mentioned craft apathy-- well mine extends to decor apathy. I hope the decor blogs will inspire me to do better!

  6. Tracy: Heehee-- Knew you would get a buzz out of the blue/white high tea. Wonder if DeLynne saw it yet? I know 3 in your family swoon over spode and blue/white china-- Are there more?

  7. I might, could, maybe make some book covers. Most of my books are paperbacks, but always looking for something to share with my bookish friends. Thanks!

  8. @Lesa, if you are referring to me when wondering if there are more who swoon for fine
    I wish. My mother would be so happy. But I am just not that type of person. I enjoy it in the moment, but feel more comfortable with my chunky retro mugs.
    I should post a pic of those! They are great reading mugs.
    And my house has lovely "spots" with elegant things, but mostly it is, like yours, a funk-ay mish mash of stuff.

  9. Leslie: Oh No, I didn't necessarily mean fine china-- I meant the blue/white fetish. Are your retro mugs blue/white?

    Lucky you! My house doesn't even have spots of elegance anymore-- don't know where they went--Probably washed away in the last flood! hahah

  10. +JMJ+

    Lesa, any book I'd pretty up would have a similar sticking-out-like-a-sore-thumb problem. The other books would tease it for being a sissy and beat it up. ;-)

  11. @ Lesa, no, not blue and white.
    I like it, but don't "need" it! I do, however, LOVE colored glass - blue, red, amber, green.

    I wanted to paint all of our windows with that stained glass paint, but hubby says it would be too much and end up driving us all crazy...he's right.

    It would start to be gloomy! retro cups are brown.

  12. Pretty! Thanks for the links!:)

  13. Better late than never, right, Ladies? I just love this idea, and the Union Jack table cloth. Having an obsession with mis-matched blue & white (of any quality and price) make me easy to shop for and very low maintenance. If any of our dishes break I just go find a new different one. And I got the affliction from my Mother, so there are 3 of us...


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