Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Read To Me: Picture Book Challenge

  My 2011 challenges/readalongs were all disregarded sorted if not formally announced. (Yep, I have commitment issues)  Actually, challenges and quotas just don't suit my spontaneous reading style but the novelty and adventure of participating in a challenge is intriguing.

So which, out of the multitude offered, did I settle on?

 A quirky foodie book challenge and a women authors of science fiction bookclub. Both of which should enhance not interfere with my normal reading habits. I'm tickled pink because these two are ideal for me-- and Tracy, my favorite co-blogger, decided to join the sci-fi book club too which doubles the fun!

Last week, I determined  to finally post about my foodie/sci-fi fetish and officially announce my participation in these two events, because two is absolutely plenty---  BUT wouldn't you know it---  The Serendipity Fairy paid  another visit to Mrs. BG!

As I was minding my own bloggy business, this perfectly darling little challenge caught my eye:  Read to Me Picture Book Challenge at There's A Book!

Isn't this the sweetest little badge?

And isn't this cute cute cute?!
This challenge is just too irrestible! I adore picture books! I still hoard have my picture books from childhood---  I use picture books in my work--- and of course, I share my love of  picture books with my child!

Picture books have never been neglected here at Mrs. BG.

Recalling that my favorite co-bloggers, DeLynne and Leslie, have both posted here, here and here about picture books, I hatched a devious plot to ensnare them into the picture book challenge. But they jumped right on board so I didn't need to cajole much less twist any arms. Have I mentioned how terrific my co-bloggers are?

We will aim for the "Watering" level of 36 books.  Although we read hundreds of picture books between us annually (especially Leslie since she has three kiddos of various ages),  it would be detrimental to our sanity to post about them all.  Since our children will be participating with us, the focus will mainly be on their favorites. Hopefully, we won't exhaust their interest or put them completely off reading and blogging!  

How exciting! Our first participation in a challenge!

Can't believe the announcement and sign up is complete!  That wasn't so bad---  One of these days, I may even settle my commitment issues and officially announce my participation in the foodie book challenge-- sometime before December 2011, I hope.


  1. +JMJ+

    This sounds like a great challenge! I'd love to do it myself, but I don't have access to a library, picture books are too expensive to buy just for pleasure, and all the children I could possibly read aloud to are moving beyond that level. =(

    My brothers are thirteen and twelve, and starting to think I'm dowdy and uncool: there's no way they'll sit down for a picture book read aloud. And I'm actually trying to introduce my nine-year-old tutee to chapter books, so picture books will sort of be a step back. (Well, not really, of course--but I get only twenty minutes of leisure reading with her each week, so I don't get to vary the material as much as I'd like.) As for my seven-year-old tutee . . . he did, to my great surprise and delight, sit still for an impromptu read aloud session--but his family doesn't buy him any books and he only takes books home when his class makes a special trip to the library. That happens once every three months or so. =(

    Good luck with this, Lesa!

  2. Lesa, you totally crack me up!
    I think we are all insane, but at least we are all insane together, right?;)

    @E, not sure what is available where you are, but my 9 yr old likes the Captain Underpants series and the new Julian Rodriguez series.
    I consider them picture books as well.

  3. E: Your lack of libraries is going to give me nightmares!! And your poor little bookless tutee! I have students who don't own books-- such a shame and the parents wonder why the kids are delayed.

    I wish you could do the challenge too-- the host offers levels for adults only too. I saw some educators participating.

  4. +JMJ+

    Leslie -- Thanks for the suggestions! Do you know any that are for girls?

    Lesa -- I saw the levels for adults. Perhaps if I read the books in the store, I'll be able to make them count? =P

  5. @E- yes, I think they could count!;) read fast...and take notes!

    I am not sure about girls 7-9. But I will check it out. I see them and smile and think about when my little girl will be old enough, but don't remember the titles.
    One chapter book author is Beverly Cleary. I loved her Ramona books when I was around that age.And their was a movie recently released.
    Delynne is more the one you might want to ask. Check out her entries, she may have listed some.

  6. +JMJ+

    I couldn't find Beezus and Ramona the last time I was at the bookstore. It was my first choice for her because she's the Beezus in her own family. ;-)

    But I "compromised" by getting another Cleary: Muggie Maggie--which will also be a first read for me.

  7. I cannot believe I used the wrong "there" in my comment:
    "their was a movie". Ugh! I HATE that! And I am surprised Lesa lets me contribute!


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