Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Storytime: Cookie's Week by Cindy Ward

Talon's February offering for the Read to Me Picture Book Challenge is Cookie's Week by Cindy Ward.

This book was purchased at the Scholastic Book Fair a couple of years ago. As soon as I saw it, I knew  Talon would love it. A cute kitty that gets into one 'cat'astophe after another. Yep, great toddler fare!

Here is Talon's vlog review. Warning: may cause motion sickness. No tripod, a rocking chair and a book circling: Watch at your own risk! 

If you didn't make it through the vlog, here is a synopsis.  Talon says this book is about Cookie, a cat that causes a mess every day of the week. Everytime, Cookie has an accident something goes everywhere.

Talon thinks the book is funny. At age three, he laughed hysterically over Monday's accident: Poor Cookie fell in the toilet and water went everywhere

Now at the more mature age of five, he laughs at Wednesday's accident: Cookie upset the trash can and garbage went everywhere!  Talon and I get tickled imagining an aggravated trash can! In Oklahoma, we say 'knocked over' or 'tumped over'.

Talon says he has learned something from this book: Do not do what Cookie does!

This book is a great choice for parents or early childhood teachers to read to children age two to 6 for storytime.

Little ones can relate to a curious kitty innocently exploring the environment and inadverdently creating mess after mess. Cause and effect and days of the week are portrayed in a fun way.

I read Cookie's Week to the entire three year old Head Start class when I'm off schedule and can't see speech/language students individually. They love Cookie's antics.

Don't tell the author that I add an 'UH OH!'  between each of Cookie's explorations and the resultant accident to improve the flow and drama of the narrative. 

 A repetive catch phrase is a language therapy trick to entice kids with limited verbal skills to verbalise more. All kids love catch phrases, whether they are delayed or not. It makes the storytelling experience interactive and the whole class almost knocks me over shouting 'UH OH!'.  (the 'everywhere' at the end of each accident is also repetitive and shoutable)

The illustrations are cute softly colorful watercolors. Funny and realistic that most pages only show a paw or tail sticking out of a mess or disappearing around a door as Cookie scampers off to the next disaster.

Talon and I highly recommend Cookie's Week by Cindy Ward.

And we both hope that on Sunday, Cookie rests... but we have our doubts.


  1. That repetitive comment is good. Thanks for the suggestion. I love how Talon is in a rocking chair to read the story!

  2. I'll look for this one, too. My grandkids love Blue Hat Green Hat and whenever I read it, I always add "silly turkey".

  3. +JMJ+

    Hmmmm. It makes me think of how tickled my little sister used to be (both literally and figuratively) at the repetition and ending of the This Little Piggy nursery rhyme. I'm sure her younger self would have loved this book!

  4. What a cute interview,with a darling little boy!

  5. DeLynne: I thought the rocking chair was a good idea-- until I felt vertigo-ish with all the motion. Then he started swirling the book around!! Maybe it was just me-- seeing it on the screen and in real life at the same time. Glad it didn't seem to bother you or anyone else!

    Georgia: 'Silly turkey' is great!

    E: I bet she would have! Rhymes like 'piggy' are excellent for teaching sequencing and anticipation of events. I love when babies respond to a pause in the rhyme by opening their eyes wide and freezing in anticipation of the next line. Then, when they start filling in the last word-- just amazing!!

    Gram: Thanks-- and I know you are completely unbiased! hahaha


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