Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Celebrating Autumn with Books!

Yeehaw tookie tookie, bloggy friends! Lesa here! I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see the back of September-- it is my one busy and hectic month at school. 

And I'm plumb giddy that autumn has finally arrived. Aren't you? Just think: cooler weather to play outside and work on outdoor projects, festivals, fairs,  fall foliage, Halloween, fewer bugs. Yep, autumn is a wonderful thing!

And don't fret bookish ones, I'm not so giddy that I've mixed up which of my blogs this post is for SO one of the loveliest things about autumn are chilly mornings to cozy up with a cuppa and a good book.  

Can I get an 'Amen, sister!'. 

 Thank you... thank you.. see my wits are intact. Hey,  I heard that snicker.

I do have wits... I do... I do! Silly wits but wits nonetheless... nonethemore either but I make do. And did I mention I was giiid-deee?

Okay, okay,  sillies are contained... back to autumn and books.  

Isn't this absolutely loverly...

I've shared bookish decor vignettes before but this seasonal beauty may be my favorite.

Are you excited about autumn? What are some of your favorite autumn activities?


Even though September is never a good bloggy month for me due to school, I've  still managed to read some good books and fall into bookish adventures which I hope to share with you soon. 

And I even photographed every single bargain book waiting in the wings for a BBB feature-- now that was a major coup right there. So am I ahead of the BBB game? No, after my photo frenzy,  I went wild at the county library book sale... tsk tsk tsk. 

Right now, I'm reading three books.  A slow savor of Wind In The Willows and The Scarlett Letter and.... the latest Pendergast thriller!! Not sure if I can savor the Pendergast thriller. It is getting good so I may have to gobble it up!

Happy autumn reading days, book besties! Enjoy and savor!  (but if you gobble, that is okay too, I understand completely)

edit: Ha-- my wits were wacky last night. I accidently posted this on one of Izzy's blank drafts. So, if you were confused earlier by the  'posted by Isabella' , that was just an error on my part. She bears no blame for this silly post.   


  1. I prefer Spring, although I *am* and autumn...
    I think my fave activity is being able to walk in the woods while it is too cool for snakes to be out, but warm enough to not freeze my toes...and reading of course!

    I am impressed you have done your photography for upcoming BBBs! I have not done anything bookish lately.

    I will work on that!

    Hilarious post!

  2. Fall and Winter are my favorite times of the year! I love the weather, the clothe I get to wear, and the 'festive' feeling! It's also the perfect excuse to drink more coffee!

    September was a horrible month for me as you know, and I hope October looks up for both of us. (it's actually already a lot better!)

  3. Autumn for me is for rereading a couple of books and finding an old, old series that I read but, for some reason, autumn sparks my interest in it again, so I reread ALL of the books - sometimes in order, sometimes not. I LOVE Rosamunde Pilcher books in the Autumn - especially Winter Solstice, which gets me ready for Winter... and I picked up the newest Lawrence Block, Matthew Scudder book and devoured it so I'm reading the entire series as soon as my library can get them for me... then I move onto books I will read so I can "retell" them to my little granddaughter - the original Milne Pooh books, Wind in the Willows, the first Little House books... I have a complete set of "Sunshine Family" dolls from the 70's - Barbie size but NOT Barbie... I will drag out my sewing machine and make quilts for them, curtains for a "cardboard" little house and braid rugs for the floors - because by next summer she will begin to play with them...

  4. Leslie: Actually, I like spring and fall equally. And yes, nature walks in fall are one of my fave things too.

    Jillian: Yeah, I love the festive feeling and boots but just until Jan then I'm ready for spring.

    Patsy: you are one busy autumn lady!! The cooler weather is good for tackling projects even indoor projects. I even feel like cleaning and organizing. I reread series too-- kinda like Lay's chips 'you can't just eat one'-- I can't just reread one.

  5. +JMJ+

    Amen, Sister! ;-)

    We don't really have a distinct autumn season where I live, but the days are getting shorter and noticeably cooler. Perfect reading weather . . . if I weren't so busy with work. =/

    I hope to join BBB again soon . . . and just to do more blogging at Shredded Cheddar, really.

  6. Amen sister! I love brisk autumn mornings :)

  7. I can't believe you can read three books at once! I guess after being an English major at college, I swore never to multi-read again. I loved your post and it makes me itch to race home and curl up with my current read. I'm so glad you shared this with us at Rub Some Dirt On It and please come back this week!


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