Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Which An Intrepid Reader Falls Into Another Bookish Adventure

Help! I'm boxed in and can't get out!

This is the view from my desk at school. Can you guess what has me totally boxed in? 

Need a clue?

  Here is a peek through the crack right in front of my chair.

Did you guess....

Scholastic Book Fair!

In my room!

What luck!

And don't worry, I'm not really trapped. The cases have wheels so I can slip in and out of my little nook with ease.

Did I have so many bookish adventures before book blogging? I don't know... maybe I just notice them now. 

And you better believe, I appreciate and revel in all bookish delights that come my way.

But who to thank? The Universe? Book Gods? Book Fairies?

 Again, I don't know but:

 Thank you, bestowers of all bookish delights! Bestow, bestow, bestow, knock yourselves out!


There were only two adult novels on offer and one was...

I snagged it for lunchtime reading in my little hidey hole and it is AAH-MAAZING!! Have you read it? I wanted to read it before seeing the movie and the characters are so engaging that I can't wait to read the rest.  

I read four chapters and left Minny hiding in a bathroom in a panic! I was so tempted to buy the book but it cost sixteen dollars. SIXTEEN DOLLARS! For a paperback! Trade size, but really, that is enough to make a BBB girl pass out! 

So I scurried to the county library. No luck. It's on hold for someone else. Waah!

Tomorrow, after work, I will check the library in the adjacent county.   

Did you hear that, Bestowers of Bookish Delights? 

The Help. Adjacent county library. Tomorrow.

Thank you.


As a bookblogger, do you find yourself falling into more bookish adventures since you began blogging?  


  1. haha that experience sounds awesome! And yes, I've read the Help and it really is amazing. The movie was very good too!

  2. I definitely notice my bookish adventures more now that I am a book blogger. I've also found that my 'real life' friends make a point of telling me what they are reading these days. It's kinda nice.

  3. Oh wow! I just had a flashback to when I was in primary school and scholastic used to come to our school and set up their tables and to my little self it was better than Christmas :-) My parent's bank account got a work out during that week for sure! How exciting that it's in your room!

  4. Oh, we just love love love Olivia. I can see a sign for her on the display. I guess T's not a fan of hers?

  5. I have such a hard time showing restraint with Scholastic since the money spent benefits schools. I mean, what's one or two... or ten more, it's for a good cause, right?!? ;)

  6. What a lovely way to get boxed in, I say!:D I love the scholastic book fair...even though I sort enjoy from the sideline while mom and sis get to pick em up at school, but still. :D

    Oh! And your ickle bit on The Help has me wondering if I should go ahead and borrow it from my friend, after all. She told me a month ago that she was reading it and I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about it... hmmmm...

  7. I forgot all about the book fairs at school. Oh how I loved them! We used to get book orders, too. Anyone remember them? Oh, I used to bring them home and mark off all the ones I wanted. I think I was able to get a few here and there, but not the all of them that I wanted!

  8. Jillian: I can't wait to read it! I didn't get it library 2 so I got on the waitlist for it at library 1.

    Shannon: that is nice, isn't it. I've found that more or my co-workers are readers than I thought.

    Danielle: What a great memory! I don't think book fairs came to my elem-- at least I don't remember it. Sad, that. But we got Weekly Reader order forms every month.

    DeLynne: We do like Olivia! Or we did-- T used to watch the show but not in a long time. He watches more action, silly or oldies now.

    Lisa: Right! So what if Scholastic is enabling the book addicted?!

    Risa: I say read one or two chapters then you'll know if it is your cuppa. That is like reading a couple of short stories-- and if you don't like it, not too much time was invested.

    Carrie: Actually, I only remember the Weekly Reader order forms from my elem/middle schools days-- I loved loved loved reading each book blurb and pondering my choices. My mom isn't a bookworm and we didn't have lots of extra money but I always got to order books.

    Thanks all for stopping by-- Love chatting with all of you!

  9. Thanks Lesa...that's one more to bug my friend about!:D


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