Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm the Map, I'm the Map, I'm the Map!

If there's a place you got to go
I'm the one you need to know
I'm the Map
I'm the Map
I'm the Map
If there's a place you got to get
I can get you there I bet
I'm the Map...

Ever since I had my first baby - the fruit of my looms, my spawn, the first of my brood, if you will - I have developed a fear of anything that could kill him/us/humans. The list grows daily, currently including death by rabid alligator, cruise ship sinking, caught on a bus that cannot slow down or it will blow up, and being swallowed by a python. Don't laugh. I got the email.

But perhaps a more likely scenario would be for me to end up on a plane next to a man with smoking underwear. Whether or not that would happen (I am quite certain it would!) I have developed a fear of flying. It certainly limits where you can go if you want to go  foreign.

Plus, flying is stinking expensive. Five people? Plus, we'd need, you know, clothes, which means, you know, luggage.

Mexico used to fill that void - we could drive to an exotic land. Mexico is a fabulous place. I absolutely love. Mexico. Talk about beautiful and diverse! And great for families. The whole country is family oriented!

Now, however, we have run into el problemo. Yes. You guessed it. The quality of souvenirs has gone down.

Naaaaaaawww! Just joshin'! No, the problem is that it is now considered as dangerous as a war torn country. Um, it is a war torn country. "Come on, kids, our next family vacation is a whirlwind tour of Afghanistan and Iraq. Be sure and wave your passports as we drive through!"

Well, one of the things that we love to do is drive to a destination. We drove from Houston to Guanajuato, Mexico several times, and then from Houston to Mazatlan, Mexico. They were both about 18 hour drives. But I love that - the scenery is fabulous, so unusual, beautiful and ugly at the same time.  We have some great memories as a family.

We haven't done too much traveling north of the border though. So...since we are not flying anywhere and it's too dangerous to go to certain places....we are going to visit the United States. By car.

There are so many places I want to go with my family. It's a totally different experience with your family as opposed with friends or single.

Rand McNally 2011 Road Atlas: United States, Canada, and Mexico (Rand Mcnally Road Atlas: United States, Canada, Mexico)Step 1. Order a road atlas.

I ordered a road atlas. It just arrived in the mail yesterday. I made a cup of coffee, got some Nilla Wafers, got a little notebook (for takin' notes), and went to my little table...and someone had misappropriated my atlas! My hubby and little anklebiters were looking at the maps of Canada (Canada?? That's not on my list!). Later on, after they were all sleeping, I went back in to get my atlas. My father-in-law was looking at it. At Canada! (What's going on there?)

What is it about a map? Most people love to study maps. Planning an adventure...planning an escape...imagining smells, tastes, views.

We just love maps. is a semi-review.

Rand McNally has been in the map making biz for, like, ever. So, sufficed to say, they know what they are doing. I can't truly compare to other atlases, but they do update the maps yearly. I know other companies do too. But...some not yearly. I wanted the most current year. It tells of long-term and permanent road closures, new roadways, new sites, etc.
It offers maps of some of the larger cities - freeways and major roads. Also the downtown areas of major cities are mapped. So really great if you need the basics and just need to get from one main street to another main street.
I bought the cheaper version - it is paperback. This is good enough for us, but I kind of wished I'd splurged and got the ring bound. I may take it to an Office Depot and get it bound and either buy a bookcover or get it laminated. Looking at it at home is one thing - traveling with drinks is another!
This is also quite large. That again, is fine for us, but they have smaller versions. These could fit inside a bag. Another option would be the large print. I could see that being helpful in the dusky hours when you are trying to catch your exit!

All in all, very pleased with what I have. I feel comfortable to go to California, visit the Grand Canyon, and head to New York. And that's what it is all about, yeah?


  1. Great post, Leslie-- Love it-- I can so relate!

    I am a big map person! So fun to plan a roadtrip. I have three of those atlases-- a medium size, a regular large and a large with large print. Even with google maps it is still good to see the whole shebang. Don't forget to stop at the Welcome Center when you enter a state-- they have free state maps which show all the roads and towns.

    Whenever I read the atlas guess what I end up looking at every time--- Yep, Canada. It is a sign girl! Just think Quebec for French cuisine-- Prince Edward Island for Anne of Green Gables-- the scenery-- so much to see in Canada.

    You would have to bring up the flying-- I feel the same way and haven't flown with Talon yet. Just last night though, I booked a super dirt cheap Las Vegas package deal (thanks Mr. Shatner) for Thanksgiving week aka deer hunting week. Talon is so excited to fly!
    I just keep channeling DeLynne-- she is so brave and has been flying with her girls since they were born.

  2. A flight attendant once gave one of our girls a badge for her '1st flight' and I didn't have the heart to say anything to the contrary!

    One of our frequent flyer cards has 'member since [insert birth year]' and a Barbie sticker on it!

    Thanks for the post, Leslie. I, too am planning a road trip! I am waiting for my map to arrive in the mail (hope it doesn't get lost, hee hee). I hadn't thought about the different types of road atlases, so I will now know what to look for!


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