Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mrs. Baja's Gift Shop: Stephanie Plum Inspired Gifts

The gift giving season is upon us, but here at Mrs BG’s we think it’s always fun to shop. So we have a new, year ‘round feature, Mrs. Baja's Gift Shop.

Here we'll show off book-inspired gifts, sticking to the theme of the book, series or character. No books, book marks or book lights here; we are thinking off the page. Confused? Have a look and you'll see what we mean.

We are kicking off with gifts for Stephanie Plum readers. Wacky, exciting, Stephanie-related gifts for Evanovich aficionados.

Since Stephanie never cooks and has nothing in her pantry except peanut butter and frosted flakes, a gourmet food hamper is just the ticket. The only thing here that needs cooking is tea, so it’s perfect for stake outs. After the food is gone she could use the basket for picnics. Who are we kidding? She can use it to take her laundry to her mother’s.

Wooden donuts are low calorie fun treats. Or is that just too cruel?
This is a beautiful cookie jar. It would add a touch of class to any inner-city apartment, and it would be easy to see when you are running on low on treats. But you wouldn’t be able to hide your gun in it...
This one would be better for hiding guns, and you can personalize it with the names of the family. But which man would Stephanie put on hers? And do they have hamster images?
This is the ultimate cookie jar for Stephanie fans, since Morelli calls her cupcake.

This will make you or your partner smell like Ranger, the sexiest man in fiction.
a cap gun, so someone can shoot at you, and you can shoot back. It’s die cast and looks really real.
For those who love bling or want to channel Sally Sweet, a pretty pair of earrings. They would dress up the t-shirt below.
Any woman would appreciate a wardrobe staple like a V neck tee. Fits nice and snug to show off your curves (donuts, anyone?) and goes anywhere. The funeral parlor, the police station, a break-and-enter, a movie and capture, a transvestite rock concert, dinner with the family, a stake out….


  1. +JMJ+

    You bet wooden donuts are cruel!!!

    But I'd love that shirt and those earrings. (Santa, are you listening?)

    What a great idea for a post, by the way! I hope you ladies will do gifts inspired by other authors, too. =)

  2. All of us Mrs. BG gals love DeLynne's idea-- she is so clever and fun! There will be more posts-- we are shopaholics! We've been divvying up our favorite books/characters.

    Isn't that a fabulously sexy tee-- I want one too! Love the earrings too-- too bad my ears aren't pierced!

    I had no idea DeLynne could be so cruel-- wooden donuts, indeed! For shame!!! hahahaahha

  3. Yes, DeLynne, I though you were against cruelty to humans! ;)
    I absolutely love this idea.
    What is so cool is that it is great for anyone to give a book lovah - something original and thoughtful.

  4. aw, shucks ladies! While I was writhing with migraines I wasn't blogging, but an occasional FLASH would shine through, piercing the fog. See, a silver lining, always!


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