Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Friday, January 21, 2011

How We Became Five

Have you ever wondered how Baja Geenawalt's Cozy Book Nook came to have five contributors?  Maybe you haven't but let me tell you anyway... besides, it is a set up to earn extra entries, so bear with me. :o)

Like everything else here at Mrs. BG, it occurred in a wonderful serendipitous whirl!  Of course, my hope was to have five bookish perspectives chatting here but I had no idea it would happen the first year! Gotta love those lagniappes!

Of the first three bookworms approached to contribute, only DeLynne jumped on board. We've been friends forever, so I was absolutely delighted! I so hoped our other book loving friend, from way back when, would join us so we could be a terrific trio but Karen was too busy opening  Spellbound Studio: Tattoo's and Reiki for Body, Soul and Mind.

A disappointment but Mrs. BG forged ahead with a dandy duo!

Then, in April, the insightful Izzy Rose accepted an invite and the terrific trio became a reality!

More hopes dashed as three lazy non-blogging librarians expressed excitement and interest but never accepted invitations to join in the fun. Oh well, I still love librarians.

July rolled around and Tracy, who not only kept me in stitches on Facebook but also fascinated me with her clever blog, jumped feet first into the cozy craziness that is Mrs. BG. 

And our cool and continually quirky quartet was born!

Just two months later, Leslie popped up on my radar chatting in the com-box and on Facebook. She engaged with such casual and clever good humor that I knew Mrs. BG had found the fifth-- and I only had to twist her arm a tiny bit! ;o)

Now we are a perfectly cozy quintet!

How fortunate to find a group of agreeable like-minded bookworms who also hang out on the silly side of the street and love to blog. Thankfully, they were all book-blog-free so up for grabs.  Really, I can't brag on my co-bloggers enough-- each one is amazing! The one astounding thing about them that I can not get over is the fact that they are all related.

Yep, all of my co-bloggers are from one family! What are the odds?! 

Did you know they were related?  Some long time bloggy friends may have suspected-- there have been clues in posts and in the com-box.

Here it is--  what you've been waiting for so patiently: extra entries for the giveaway!

Earn extra entries by guessing the relationships between my lovely co-bloggers: Tracy, Izzy, Leslie and DeLynne. They are all some combination of sister, mother, daughter and cousin.

Each correct guess gets you one extra entry so up to six entries available.  

Bonus Entry: At what age, grade or year did DeLynne and I meet? or How many years have DeLynne and I known each other?  This bonus is worth 3 extra entries.

Wild guesses are welcome and are certainly worth a gamble-- with so many chances you are bound to get one right. :o)

For dedicated puzzle solvers, there are scattered clues available almost everywhere. Possible places to look: here on Mrs. BG-- maybe in introductory posts and com-box discussions. Also, their blogs or profiles. 

There are clues to the bonus entry on Mrs. BG and on the wall of our facebook group.  

Good luck! 

Hmm, wonder if there are any other potential bookbloggers  hiding in a particular family tree...


  1. What amuses me is that in high school (hint?) Lesa and I used to pretend we were related. Some clever person worked out that if our Daddies were brothers, then we should have the same name. We didn't, so the truth was out!

  2. Well, I know Izzy Rose is Delynne's daughter, and between Tracy and Leslie, one is Delynne's cousin and one is her sister . . . I think Leslie is the sister and Tracy is the cousin. Or maybe Leslie and Tracy are sisters . . .

    I don't know about the ages/years. I will guess Delynne and Lesa met when they were three, and that means they've known each other for . . . twenty-five years, right? ;)

  3. Kathy: haha-- two entries for you but I won't say for which relationships yet so as not to spoil the fun.

    No bonus points but we may have to offer an extra entry to who ever flatters us the most regarding age. ;o)

  4. Ooooh, I feel so mysterious!

    "Who are these people? What brought them together to face these conflicts, unified, if you will? What DRIVES them to stay together, to continue in this fight against boring booksism?"

    It's a beautiful thing.

    And, yes, we're pretty shallow sooo, flattery works ;)

  5. is it nepotism to tell you what a great post this is?

    and for the record, you forgot to mention you'd be adopted by this tome tribe

  6. Love this post! And now I'm wishing everyone in my family wanted to blog with me ... :P

  7. I'm going with cousins$

  8. +JMJ+

    Hmmmm. This is like those logic games I used to like playing. ("Jack lives in the brown house to the left of the tennis player, who isn't Claire and doesn't live in the green house . . ." You know these right?)

    I had thought from the beginning that Izzy was someone's daughter or at least a beloved niece, so I'm going with DeLynne's daughter.

    Then I'm going to keep DeLynne as the centre of gravity and guess that Tracy and Leslie are her cousins (and therefore, each other's sister).

    And now I shall guess that you and DeLynne met at fourteen. =P

  9. OOOh, I am the centre of gravity! I like that, En.

  10. Leslie: Oooo, mysterious for sure! Have these unsuspecting bloggers entered into another dimension... A journey through a wondrous blogosphere whose boundaries are that of imagination... Have they blogged into the... Twilight Zone!

    Tracy: I love my adoptive tome tribe!

    Sam: Find another family to blog with-- it worked for me-- and you might even get adopted!

  11. Kinnaird: Who are cousins? four possible cousin entries up for grabs!

  12. E: I knew you would dig this conundrum-- and I knew out of everyone you would get closest to the truth! You scare me, you really do, thank goodness you are one of the good good champions and not a diabolical genius! But, if you do mastermind a takeover of the world, I want to be your sidekick!

    Four regular entries for you!

    Bonus entry: No, but so close...

  13. Hint Time:

    Cousins-- remember if a mom has cousins her daughter also has cousins-- cousins count even if they are once removed.

    Bonus entry:

    The facts are in a post under a label that has three words and begins with letter T.

    The facts are about 4 months back on the wall of our facebook group.

    thanks for playing along! Good Luck!

  14. How fun for you! Love it! Thanks for clueing us in -- great post. Both of my blogs were supposed to be fueled by group participants, but, alas, I guess I am the only one without a life.

  15. Kim, you need lots of fellow bloggers. I was number one side kick, and have now let the ball drop, so to speak. If it weren't for the others Lesa would be practically solo. Many hands typing make light work of a blog.

  16. Aw, DeLynne, you are still my favorite co-blogger and number one side kick!!

    Thank you for helping out behind the scenes!

    You haven't dropped the ball-- the blogging muse is just fickle!
    BUT we do all miss your clever fun posts! Can't wait for another dinner dictionary! Btw, Did you know your posts always get the most spam comments? they automatically go to the spam file so you don't see them-- but you are very very popular!!! ;o)

    Love the last sentence-- sounds like a fortune cookie!


  17. Now that the contest is over, are you going to tell us the answers? I'm too lazy to look them up. :)

  18. You inspired me to create a new blog of women writers and consolidate my blogging down to one. Six other women are joining me, but we are shy and are writing under alias names and identites see the sidebar :) Hope you'll join us--with more writers, there's bound to be more books, too.

  19. Kathy: You lazy loafer!! Yes, DeLynne and Izzy are mother and daughter. Tracy and Leslie are sisters and are first cousins to DeLynne. Of course, that make them first cousins once removed to Izzy.

    So if you had just went with the sister speculation and not your first choice you would've nailed it!!

    DeLynne and I met at age 13 at the beginning of 8th grade-- a long long time ago...

  20. Georgia Girls, that is so exciting!! Good luck with your new blog!

    Wow, never imagined this blog would inspire anyone to do anything let alone create a whole new blog-- that is so cool. And really it is all due to Baja's note-- the note that inspired a collaborative blog.


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