Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mrs. Baja's Gift Shop: Pride & Prejudice Inspired Gifts

Wedding season begins soon. And what does that mean? Eternal love? Beautiful memories? A happy couple? 


It means it is bridal shower time...and THAT, my friends, means GIFTS!  The more thoughtful, the better.

And if your friend just so happens to be an ardent admirer of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice, then perhaps we shall come up with something quite agreeable.

Whether the bride-to-be fancies herself the beautiful and demure Jane, or playful Lizzie, with her sharp tongue and fine eyes, you can easily put together a gift that will quite suit her fancy! (If she thinks she is one of the other sisters...hmm. Then skip this and get her a make over.)

A trademark of Jane and Lizzie's relationship are their letters. What P & P devotee wouldn't love some lovely stationery?

So cheerful, don't you think?

And when writing about their chance encounters with Mr. Bingley or Mr. Darcy, dearest Jane and Lizzy likely drank a cup of tea. And so should the bride as she writes her thank you notes.

Chamomile, to calm the nerves....lavender is always good too.

Perhaps a few biscuits with her tea, if she is famished.

And what blushing bride doesn't need a P&P inspired nightgown? I am quite sure the Bennett sisters would find this acceptable.

Doesn't that look soooo comfy?

 The sun can be such an enemy to genteel ladies. They might freckle! That will never do! A sunblock that protects the skin, regardless of their shade, is a must! Especially when touring castles and mansions!

Take care of that gorgeous face!

Now, the honeymoon will be over soon enough. And what will fill her days (after work, cleaning the house, and paying bills)? Your dearest friend will need a book, of course! Because after all, there is no enjoyment like reading!

And not just any book! Only the complete works of Jane Austen will do!

The fairer sex may need help holding this book!

Jane and Lizzie carried their dried flowers in baskets. But what a lovely way to present your gift, don't you think?

A lovely gift in itself.
Upon my word, I do think these ideas must be acceptable to you, especially when tempered with a thorough reading of Pride and Prejudice, which these suggestions will inevitably interest.

With that I leave you, dear ones. Please enjoy the gift-giving and those warm summer weddings.  And don't forget your gloves!

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  1. Leslie: These gifts are more than agreeable! Perfectly intuitive gifts for a P&P fan-- great picking on your part! That book is gorgeous but I bet it is heavy. Wonder if that is like the one that E received from her

    I've been out of town so wasn't ignoring your post-- in case you were wondering. Some of the photos are not showing up on my screen but it may be my computer or blogger acting up since that isn't the only wonky thing. Are photos missing from your post on your computer?

  2. Haha! I didn't think anyone was ignoring. Just that people, like you, had a life!
    But that's ok. We are doing exactly what we needed/wanted - NOTHING! NIIICE!

    The first 2 photos are acting funny. Maybe it is Blogger because they showed earlier. Blogger has its moods, you know!

  3. I have that complete works of Jane Austen, and it is BEAUTIFUL. I would highly recommend it to any Austen fan.

    What a cute post! Definitely inspiring me.

  4. oooh, those biscuits and the tea. What a lovely combination they would make! Almost makes me want to get married again. Then on second thought, I might stick with the hubby I've got.

  5. @Jillian...ok, I think I am sold. I was coveting this one!
    @Delynne, they DO look yummy. And I would love to have lot of weddings, but, yeah, sticking to the hubby I got!

  6. On second thought, why don't we just buy this stuff for ourselves?

  7. ooooh! I could do with all of these goodies. What a lovely post. I'm following you now.

  8. Welcome, Che! Glad you joined us!

  9. Visiting from the Creative Bloggers Party & Hop over at Create with Joy!

    What beautiful and well chosen Pride & Prejudice themed gifts! I love the nightgown and gilded book especially!

    So pleased to "meet" you!

    New follower,
    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  10. :) Nice to meet you too, Jenn! Welcome and don't be a stranger!


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