Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scholastic Book Club and Dinner Dictionary

Warning-- silly, base and scatological humour ahead. Read at your own risk.

We often read at the table after dinner.  Sometimes even during dinner.  We're so literary.  Tonight Dellylu brought her Scholastic Book Club catalogs to the table to browse.  
She first commented on the pony series, comprising I Want a Pony, A Pony for Keeps, A Pony in Trouble, Give Me Back My Pony, Pony to the Rescue, Too Many Ponies, Runaway Pony, Goodbye Pony, The Wild Pony, Don't Hurt Me, Pony, Keep Out Pony, and Circus Pony.  The entire set is on sale for only $45, a savings of $86.88 (a BBB post, maybe?).  She reckons the best one of the series must be Too Many Ponies, because there are definitely too many.


Then Izzy commented on the fine book, Dr Proctor's Fart Powder.  We laughed at the title and the blurb, which reads, 'Nilly and Lisa must help Dr Proctor keep his super-strength Fart Powder safe from the neighbourhood bullies!'   Since Hubby is the only boy in the house we found the idea of a fart book hilarious.  I tried to tell them about proctology and the pun with the Dr's name, but couldn't find the word in our dictionary. It was in Wikipedia.

So then Hubby commented on a set he found, saying, 'Here are some books about ponies who don't eat enough fibre. It's called Magic Ponies Bind Up.' 


  1. I want to have something to add to this. After a fairly thorough brain scan, I got nothin' other than a little myth busting. In my experience rinsing beans and tossing the soaking water before you cook them does absolutely nothing to reduce their musical qualities. Either that or my husband has a secret identity as Dr. Proctor.

  2. I love that books, laughter and silly puns are part of your dinner table conversation!

  3. I am glad you got the joke, Ladies. I was worried that the phrase 'bind up' was uniquely Australian. Yes, Lisa, we do have fun.
    Tracy, is he still veggie? And Leslie, we all need a little hilarity in our day!

  4. Tracy: Hahaha-- If your hub is Dr.Proctor then Talon must his sidekick! I've wondered about the soak water but I still toss it.

    DeLynne: I thought you were talking Okie for a change! Now I'm curious which parts of the English speaking world use that term-- I didn't encounter it till I moved to Ok.

  5. I am a new follower from the Wednesday Hop, Skip, and Jump. What a great blog! Check mine out if you get a chance!

  6. Hilarious!! What a great way to connect around the dining table.

  7. Hello, I followed you on the Friday blog hop. What delightful fun your family has at the dinner table.

  8. Happy to discover you on the Friday blog hop as fellow book lover! I'm a reader, writer and the author of a recently published memoir. Come visit me at!

  9. Welcome new visitors and followers!
    Right back atcha with the follows!


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