Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bargain Book Bonanza (13): Scholastic Book Fair Edition

 Welcome to Bargain Book Bonanza!

A book haul linky party for bargain loving bookworms!

BBB is the place to showcase all the great books (new, used, vintage, electronic, audio) that you have scored on sale.

Each Monday through Thursday, all book lovers are invited to carouse, make merry and revel with bargain book abandon!

Want to join the party? Just visit the Bargain Book Bonanza page for the particulars.

Lesa is hosting this week!

Hi, friends! Remember the colorful Scholastic Book Fair truck from two months awhile back? 

Have you been waiting with bated breath to see what I bought? 

Well, don't pass out! Breathe, book peeps, breathe! 

  You may not have noticed this but I frequently fall into serendipitous BBB  adventures that demand immediate feature status.  Oh, you did notice.  Well, not to worry-- all bargain books will get a turn in the spotlight.     

 The Scholastic Book Fair always offers an interesting selection but this time I  settled on only four bargain books...

May Bird and The Ever After by Jodi Lynn Anderson
May Bird Among The Stars by Jodi Lynn Anderson
(A girl who is different discovers a land of ghosts, ghouls and creepy things.  Can she find a  way out?)

The Anybodies by N.E. Bode   
(Fern is happy to learn that she was swapped at birth and isn't really a boring Drudger. What happens when she spends the summer with her birth father?   The synopsis promises suspense, intrigue, mystery, fairies and magic so I overlooked the ripped cover-- besides it was only fifty cents.)

Katie Loves the Kittens by John Himmelman
(Such a cute picture book and the illustrations are so funny. Look for this one in a future Storytime post.)

Have you read any of these?

If you have a bargain book, please share. We love to brag on bargains!


The next two aren't bargains but that is okay since buying books helps the school get free library books from Scholastic.

My little boy, Talon, always gets to buy his own book from the book fair. This time he chose an easy reader picture book, Hotwheels Volcano Blast. Considering how many times we've read it at bedtime, I'd say he is very pleased with his purchase.  

In secret, I chose Spongebob Comic Crazy for Talon's Easter basket. It has eleven funny stories and is a big hit. (And it is so much better than our hand me down Lightning McQueen comic book that has stories to nowhere)

Don't forget to check out your local school's fall and spring Scholastic Book Fairs-- especially if you prefer giving books as gifts. And there are bookmarks, pens, erasers, posters, gadgets, games and adult books too... 

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  1. Ooh, those are good! Don't think our book fairs offered bargain books, but I will check again next year.

  2. Ah,just when I thought I was moving away from print books I got loads of free books last week!

    Check out my latest post!

  3. Thanks for joining in again, Literary Lioness! If you ever want to link up a free or sale e-book that is ok too-- I think Tracy plans to do some ebook BBBs.

    Leslie: At the school book fairs here, most of the discounted books are on a table and a few are scattered around in the regular book display shelves.

  4. Great bargains! I've read the first May Bird book and I did like it. It's a bit darker than most middle grade stories, but I think that's partly why I enjoyed it. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!

  5. Miss Lesa, I have my "day off" next week, HOPEFULLY! And I will be like a mighty hunter looking for a bo-nanza. Or at least one good book buy!

  6. Lisa: Thanks for the thumbs up on May Bird. I'm sure I will like it too.

    Leslie: Happy Hunting!

  7. Thanks for the visit!
    What wonderful bargains!

  8. Hey Ladies,
    A yakkity yak is popping in to let you know I nominated the Cozy Book Nook Blog for the Versatile Award. I'm sure this blog has received this award a thousand times over, but I just want to remind you that I think you are great too! While I don't comment frequently, I keep this blog close on my side bar as it is my certifiable chill pill resource!!!
    Thanks! Rhonda
    ...and oh, you can pull the award from my blog over at OEBooks.

  9. Rhonda: Aww, Thank you so much for thinking of Mrs. BG! How cool that we are a 'chill pill resource'-- maybe I should promote Mrs. BG as 'good for what ails you'! hahaha

    Thanks for being a great bloggy friend and sticking with us-- you were the first blogger to ever yakkity yak with us, you know.



  10. +JMJ+

    Scholastic Book Fairs are great for bargains--especially when you know the actual retail price of many of the titles!

    I admire your restraint in buying only four this time, Lesa. ;-)

  11. Oh Please link me to your blog! Did you see my Girlfriends Book list? I love books toooooo! :)

    I'm following your book blog now as well as your Dust Us blog. :) Thanks for pointing it out to me. :)

    Have a great week!

  12. Liz: Thanks for coming over! I didn't realize you were a booklover too! Yay! Always lovely to meet another bookworm!

    I just found your book list-- is is from an actual real life bookclub?

    I will link to your project soon-- today probably-- most of my bloggy friends aren't very diy but they admire those who are-- especially the ones doing bookish projects.


  13. Liz: that last sentence is a bit confusing, eh? to clarify: my bloggy friends (and me) who are too lazy or inept for diy projects admire others who can/will do diy projects. My bloggy friends especially give props to do-it-yourselfers who do cool bookish projects.

    that makes more sense! I didn't want you to think there were a lot of us around here doing bookish projects. haha


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