Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Friday, January 28, 2011

In Search of Wilkie Collins

blip... blip... Enid Blyton... blip... blip... Wilkie Collins...

When classic  but  'unknown to you' authors blip on your book-dar, do you get all atwitter? Me too! 

But my excitement is also tinged with perturbation and embarrassment-- where have I been?!  I don't live under a rock, after all!  Even if I haven't read a particular classic, as a bookworm, I expect to have at least heard of the author or title.  Don't you?

When rave reviews of Wilkie's The Woman in White popped up on a few blogs last year, I thought: Who? Any relation to Jackie?  Yeah, my ignorance knows no bounds... 

Young Wilkie Collins

Of course, The Woman in White was added to my mental TBR list for someday... a day in a not too distant future. Then, Leslie, my favorite co-blogger, blogged about Wilkie Collins right  here  at Mrs. BG!  That, my friends, is a 'sign'!

And the search for Wilkie Collins began.

 Dang, that Wilkie Collins is elusive in Eastern Oklahoma!  (and based on the blank stares, I'm not the only ignoramus in my neck of the woods)

My county library didn't have any books by Wilkie Collins but could request The Woman in White from another library in their system through inter-library loan for a shipping fee of $1.50. 

Before committing, I felt compelled to check the library in the adjacent county, just in case. That library belongs to a different library system so there was a possibility-- ok, a slim chance-- alright, alright, probably no chance in hell that the The Woman in White might be on the shelf. 

And... And... No luck. *%#@ Rats! But.. But... Get this.. It was available through inter-library loan from another library in their system!! Ha! Doesn't that just beat all!

Before I expired on the spot from Wilkie madness, I filled out an application for a library card and requested the  inter-library loan. And, guess what? Inter-library loans are free in this system! A man drives the books around in his little truck. Of course, I requested two more books right away. Hey, could you resist free carpooling books!

So my convoluted search for Wilkie Collins comes to a happy and successful conclusion. I have a brand spanking new library card so no more dependence on hubby's card.   Plus, with access to sixteen more libraries and free interlibrary loans, I now have the whole eastern half of my state under bookish surveillance.  Hoo-rah!! Yeah, I'm bad...

And The Woman in White will be in my hot little hands by 3:30 this afternoon! Yippee!  (I would've had it last Friday but the little truck couldn't make it over the icy roads to get my books)

Wilkie better be worth the wait!

Old Wilkie Collins

 Have you heard of Wilkie Collins? If so, did you know of him before bookblogging?  What authors have blipped on your book-dar and knocked you for a loop because you can't believe you have never ever heard of them?! 


  1. Wow, on several fronts.
    My own ignorance and sloth are almost as constant a source of amazement to me as the brilliant and determined women with whom I have surrounded myself. If one is known by the company one keeps, I am a formidable and down to earth intellectual.

  2. Ooooh, I am going to apply that comment to ME, Tracy...that I am intellectual.

    Lesa, now I am all stressed out that maybe, just maybe, you won't like Mr. Collins' work. I must go drink some wine. BRB

    Ok. Back. I'm not too worried now. Actually the whole thing is pretty funny. Hee hee hee

    But hey, at least you won't be out that $1.50! LOL! That's funny. I am the same way. That just would bug me to spend that when there is the possibility of a FREE loaner!

    Kudos on not letting the Man control you! I mean, it starts with a library card and pretty soon they are telling you what to wear! ;)

    I have not read Janet Evanovich. I never heard of her and then Tracy told me about her. She'd had quite a few books at this point. And since then she's been recommended to me several times. I don't know why I am just ignoring it. And I am a bit embarrassed.

    Maybe that will be my next literary adventure.

  3. *preening* Wait Leslie! I'm applying Tracy's comment to ME-- after all, Tracy is my favorite co-blogger!! haahahaha

    Tracy: Right back at'cha. You may flirt with occasional ignorance or sloth like the rest of us BUT you are actually writing a book!! I think you are brilliant and determined!!

  4. Leslie: Don't stress-- I'm not going to hunt you down if Wilkie is less than wonderful!

    Hahahaah-- And I spent more than a $1.50 in fuel getting to the library with the free book-- But FREE is the key word and I do love a quest!!

    DeLynne told me about Evanovich a few years ago-- I hadn't heard of her either. Then I couldn't help hearing about her since everyone I ran into raved about the Stephanie Plum series. In fall of 09, I came across the first in the series in a pile of FREE books at work-- took it for a 'sign' and read it. It was dated but fun--like watching a zany but occasionally intense tv cop/mystery show but about a bounty hunter.

  5. My introduction of Wilkie Collins was The Woman in White (here are my thoughts: I am very glad I was introduced to this fantastic author. From some reason, since I read his book, I see his name more and more - maybe it's just me paying attention.

  6. Thanks, Man of la Books! I will check out your post after I read the book.

    I think there is some kind of Wilkie phenomenon going on-- but don't you notice that happening whenever you learn anything new, like a new word for instance-- it seems to pop up everywhere!!

    It needs a name-- maybe 'new information phenomenon'-- that is kinda dull though-- I will get Leslie, our 'go to girl' for ideas, cracking on a good name.

  7. I didn't know who he was either, but Allie at Literary Odyssey is having a read-along right now on the Woman in White:
    Even tho I can't participate, this book is on my list.

  8. I was going to comment about the readalong we just finished, but I see someone already has!

    I had never heard of Collins either until I started book blogging. Then his name kept reappearing, so I knew I had to read him!

    And I have to say, he is excellent. You are in for a real treat with Woman in White. It was suspenseful and wonderful-ENJOY it! :)

  9. is there a read-a-long a-foot-?

  10. Allie: I ran across notice of your readalong back in Dec, I think. That was another reason I started actively searching for the book-- I so wanted to join in for my first official readalong but just didn't get the book in time.

    So a wow from you for Woman in White!! Great! I can't wait to start reading! when I finish, I will come read ya'lls readalong posts.

  11. I hope you enjoy the Woman in White. I loved it when I read it a few years ago :)

  12. I only heard of Wilkie Collins when he popped upon a reading syllabus at university. Even though, I've only recently read one of his books (Heart and Science). I really enjoyed it, and it's made me excited to read more of his novels.


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