Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Artful Biblioclasm?!

Restoration Hardware sells lovely expensive things but they used to be so cool in an authentic sort of way-- kind of the way Banana Republic used to be cool. Even so, it is a treat to browse through the RH catalog and store...

Check out the literary accents Restoration Hardware is now offering as objets d'art.

Isn't this corbel bookend attractive.... but it will set you back sixty-nine dollars.

Wouldn't it be fun to spell out words with these letters?

Price range: ten to sixty-nine dollars

These accents would most likely please most bookworms but wait till you get a load of the next one...

Book Bundles: twenty-nine dollars

Shocking, isn't it. And no, it isn't a fakey reproduction. Those are actual old books whose covers have been ripped off... then the poor naked things have been bound together with jute.

RH says: Liberated from their covers, stitched and bound with jute twine, the foxed and faded pages of old books become objêts d'art.
Rich with texture and intrigue
Each bundle is unique; let us pick one for you
Set them on a table, use them as antiquarian accents amid your library tomes, or stack them beneath a console

Liberated... Seriously?! And really, what do they mean by intrigue-- maybe between the pages.

So I say: Shame on RH for torturing defenseless books! Let's boycott!

But aren't the letters cute... especially the 'at' and ampersand. Maybe I should reconsider the boycott...

No, no, a million times no! The boycott stands!

Wonder who would even buy such a thing? Hopefully, no bookworms. If a nonbookish person bought a single book bundle, I might say 'live and let live' but if I walked into a home and saw a whole bookcase full... well, lets just say it wouldn't be pretty!

And I'm really wondering about the titles, aren't you?

What do you think of the book bundles? If you like them, say so. I won't think less of you, really...


  1. A book is a book, with pages and words, but without their covers, they just look too naked and exposed. They look sort of, for lack of a better word, abused. Also, part of a book's charm is their covers, this just doesn't look right at all. Part of me actually feels bad for them that they look like this! LOL! Definitely boycott!

  2. +JMJ+

    Oh, those poor stripped books!!! =( Is there any way to liberate them properly from their real captivity???

    I'll boycott with you even if the "@" is really cute and I'm already wondering if there are a string of symbols I can use to spell out what other people will take for a four letter word. =P

  3. I would be tempted to unbind those poor captive books and read them. And I agree--they don't even look attractive.

    The other stuff is kind of cool, though . . .

  4. Definite no to the books. Its murder!

  5. I totally judge a book by its cover -- so NO way! I do like those @ and & tho.

  6. Ok bookworms: Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once...

    Biblio Liberation Army! Black ninja outfits, booklights for signaling and heavy tomes for head bonking...

    So who is with me?

    E: four letter word symbols-- hahahaha That would be a hoot on my desk at school-- well, a hoot to me...

    Kathy: more than tempted, I'd say!

  7. Hey!

    I’ve given you an award. You can collect it here!

  8. Wow. I actually stopped breathing when I saw those poor, naked books. :o(

  9. At first I thought the books were hostages. You know, "buy something or the books get it".
    No, not something you would find in my home. Though I might buy them just to put some clothes on the poor things.

  10. it would be one thing if they some body found a box of books with rotted spines and wanted to give them a new life, but this is the print version of taking good jeans, cutting them to shreds and charging extra for the abuse.

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  12. Thomas, you are always welcome. Make a cuppa and drop by any time.


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