Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Are Not!

Hello, bloggy friends! The last couple of weeks I have been continually thwarted on blogging. Do you ever have weeks like that? It can be so maddening but I haven't been driven plumb crazy... even if the photo tells a different tale. ;o)

Two Sundays ago, I was happily drafting my very first In My Mailbox post when, out of the blue, lightning knocked out the internet! Really, out of the blue... it was raining not storming... not even any thunder then SPLICKTYSPLAT and that was all she wrote, folks.

Monday evening, the internet was up and running but the computer I blog on was still kaput. Apparently, the stray bolt burned out the nic card as well.

Have I offended the gods in some way? If so, Zeus, please take pity on me! I've read my Bullfinch's and I will finish the Percy Jackson series, on my honor!

By the time the computer was repaired, the first week of school was drawing to a close. Yes, my wallowing days are over. I'm not complaining. School is the perfect job for me (other than hosting my own travel/dining show, of course). Even though the first week of school is always fun, it is also completely exhausting. My energy level could only support reading and commenting on the posts of my lovely co-bloggers and bloggy friends... and I enjoyed every minute. You are all so talented and fascinating!

Guess you already know I hang out on the silly side of the street... which is a very good thing since I seem to be an absurdity attracting magnet. Get a load of this: it isn't exactly a biblio-blooper but you may get a kick out of it.

After twenty years of working in schools, I finally received a vile concerned note from a wacko disgruntled parent. On the third day of school no less... I hadn't even had time to disgruntle anyone!! Regardless, the parent threatened to turn me in to the State 'Bored'! Now, I take offense at that remark... in fact, I am highly offended! Why? Because, d*** it, I am extremely interesting!! Just ask any of my students!


  1. Three hardest, least appreciated jobs on the planet.
    1) Mother
    2) Teacher
    3) Nurse

    If you and DeLynne start putting putting in IV's, someone needs to call the guy in charge of sainthood.

  2. +JMJ+

    The State Bored, aye? LOL! I used to be a full-time teacher, too, and I now that if I got such a letter from some disgruntled parent, I'd frame it and hang it near my desk in the faculty room, where I could always see it. =P

    By the way, I'm having PC troubles, too, but they don't seem to be punishment from the Greek god. (On the other hand, I have been playing up the hubris lately. Hmmmmm . . .) My problem is--an you probably won't believe this--that my keyboard won't type the letters A, S, D, F, J, K, an L! I had to look for them all earlier this week so I could copy and paste them to a document that I always have open now. What I do is type everything straight, then go back over it, filling in all the missing letters. First the A's, then the S's, and so on. This is what this paragraph looked lie before I started . . .


    By the wy, I'm hving PC troube, too, but they on't eem to be punihment rom the Gree go. (On the other hn, I hve been pying up the hubri tey. Hmmmmm . . .) My probem i--n you probby won't beieve thi--tht my eybor won't type the etter A, S, D, F, J, K, n L! I h to oo or them erier thi wee o I cou copy n pte them to ocument tht I wy hve open. Wht I o now i type everything tright, then go bc over it iing in the etter. irt the ', then the ', n o on. Thi i wht thi prgrph ooe ie beore I trte . . .


    I don't always get them, though . . . =(

    P5--When I ch4t with ]=rien])5, I u5e ch4r4cter5 1i]<e thi5. 4 techie bu])])y 5howe]) me how! =) It'5 not 41w4y5 ]=un to re4]), though, 5o peop1e h4ve been 4voi])ing me on1ine! 1o1!!!

  3. Is IS fun! I can understand why you have a following. Amazing.

  4. Ha-- if we start putting in IVs, someone better call 911!

    E: Better watch out-- your keyboard has a gremlin! ;o)

    That would make me bonkers if my keyboard whacked out like that. Girl, I'm fearing for your sanity, go buy a new keyboard!! Actually, have you tried cleaning the keyboard maybe it is just dusty or has a few crumbs stuck under the keys. I've found all kind of crazy things in my keyboard at work-- including pepper seeds!

    I can read that code-- but I do see why one would be shunned for using it! :o)

  5. I once had a call to return to a disgruntled parent. I begged the year level coordinator to take do it, saying I'd rather remove my ovaries with a spoon than pick up that phone. He did it for me. Shock tactics DO work, ladies!


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