Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Skinny on Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

What is Mockingjay (for those of you living in caves)? 
The final book in the crazy popular Hunger Games Trilogy  by Suzanne Collins. Part Lottery by Shirley Jackson and part gladiatior games, this YA dystopian series is chilling and intense (especially the first one).  If you haven't read it, go find the first book, The Hunger Games, right now! Don't even worry about the trilogy if you aren't a series person, just read the first book and if you end up hooked, so be it. ;o)

Why did I wait five months to read Mockingjay? 
Just a combination of contrariness and not being in the  mood when it came out, I suppose.  Can you believe I actually had it in hand on the day at Walmart and didn't buy it?! It was only $12 too, which is a steal, but I really couldn't justify buying it knowing the library would have it by the time my mood improved.  Plus, even as much as I've enjoyed this series, I doubt it will be a beloved reread (a person can only take so much intensity) so no need to own it. 

Did I like Mockingjay?
Simple answer: Yes!  Of course, I prefer The Hunger Games best since I am a beginnings person (and it was so dang intense) but I was not disappointed like so many other fans were in the ending of the series.

 I never cared one way or the other about the Team Peeta or Team Gale business. Both boys were worthy and Katniss' choice made sense in the circumstances. 

 As for the unfortunate event(s), very sad but again it made sense in the context to illustrate the horrors of war-- and those horrors are happening right now in our own world, folks! 

The characters exhibiting symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder added an element of reality. Some fans complained about Katniss' coldness but I see it as a manifestion of not just the stress of the Hunger Games but surviving the day to day life in District 12.

Final thoughts?
 The Hunger Games stuck in my mind for days and days after reading it--  Catching Fire and Mockingjay didn't have quite the same impact but are still thought provoking.  

All dystopians make me muse and wonder: Could such a society occur? Would I survive in such a society? As an American, I tried to guess which states made up the districts of Panem. And like many dystopians, this one left me dying to know what is going on in the rest of the world! 

Mockingjay suited me to a tee as an ending to the Hunger games trilogy and the epilogue.. oh, the epilogue was perfect!  Because, really....  What will we tell the children?


  1. I loved Mockingjay, too. I thought it was perfect. I liked the focus on the psychological effects of war and p.t.s.d. like you mentioned. No one goes through war unchanged and I thought the changes in characters were pretty realistic. Nice review!

  2. I haven't read it as yet. Thank you for the post.

  3. i am addicted to the hunger games! <3 i stayed up all night to read it a second time lol i dunno it is just that good. i am so excited to see the movie when it comes out!!

  4. +JMJ+

    I haven't read The Hunger Games yet. =S Bad me . . .

    But you know that I take forever to get around to certain books because I'd like the Serendipity Elf himself to pop it on my TBR shelf. =P And well, the only Suzanne Collins novel he has brought over has been Gregor the Overlander--which is pretty good, if you're looking for some fun MG Adventure Lit! Hint, hint. ;-)

  5. OMG Can you believe I still haven't read Mockingjay. I still can't bare to let the characters go? I'm like in HG denial or something.

  6. Chelle: Thanks! I don't do many reviewish posts so I appreciate your comment!

    Mystica: You are welcome!

    Jan: It is extremely addictive!

    Juju: I can believe it-- it took me 5 months to read it! It is good--Go ahead and dive in-- I'd like to know what you think of it. I'm beginning to wonder if adults like the ending better than kids do.

  7. E: Love the Serendipity Elf! I loved the Gregor series-- I've read them all! That was one reason I was so surprised when I saw Collins wrote Hunger Games because it is so different-- well, there are battles in both-- but still a very different groove between the two.


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