Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How To Spell Colloquialisms

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Ha! This post isn't about spelling the word colloquialisms but I sure as shootin' had to google the spelling.

So what is this post about?

Why, spelling colloquialisms, of course!

Not the word-- Oh, I'll swan, this spelling colloquialisms thing is making me crazier than a loon!   

What I really really want to know is this: Do you ever have difficulty spelling colloquialisms? Not the word... sorry, I couldn't resist. ;o) 

What I mean is: Do you ever have difficulty spelling colloquialisms that you have heard spoken your whole life? Can you relate? Or maybe you don't use or think many colloquialisms. Maybe you would never write one.  Maybe it is only a south of the Mason-Dixon line thing. Maybe it is only a me thing.

Now, I don't have trouble spelling things like:
pert near
sit a spell

But, boy howdy, some give me fits! Like:
plumb larapin--- or is it plum larapin?
pure dee old-- or is it pure d old? or maybe pure-dee-ol'?

See what I mean? And google doesn't always save the day!

Then, I sometimes wonder: Will readers beyond the borders of Texas or Oklahoma even understand the meaning?  

Don't worry, I may be steeped in country sayings but I don't use or write them as often as I think them. Only when apropros, I am an educated hick, after all.

Plus, as a speech language pathologist (don't fall out of your chair), it is mandatory that I ponder such things. The origins of such sayings interest me tremendously-- and did you know it is very difficult for people to communicate effectively when they don't comprehend idioms, similes and, yes, colloquialisms? 

What are some of your favorite colloquialisms? And do you ever have difficulty spelling them?

I really am a bit of a colloquialism geek but I am in good company:


I reckon this is more suitable for a bookish blog:

To earn an extra entry in the Blogiversary Giveaway, define 'plumb larapin' without googling it and use it in  a sentence.  If you are in the ballpark, you earn  two extra entries!! If you are somewhere other than the ballpark but your sentence makes me giggle or better yet laugh hysterically,  you will still earn one extra entry! 


  1. LOL! I, too, want to know and I'm always saying, "I'm going to Google that." My d.i.l did ask me once, "did you just say might could...?" As in, I might could do that. Maybe there is a little redneck in me by way of Montana.

  2. Oh boy. Hate to say it but this Midwestern gal is lost. I just got back from a week's vacation in Texas (where I learned about the great uses of the word "fixin") but I still got no clue on what "plumb larapin" means.

    And to top it off, I definitely can't spell colo- I mean- colloquialisms!

  3. Kim: Heehee-- ain't nuthin wrong with 'might could'! That's proper talk around here. Ma: Can you carry me to town after lunch? Pa: I might could if that there cantankerous truck'll crank.

    Lisa: Oh yes, Texas is like a whole other country isn't it. I'm fixin to get to work but I hope you come back and try your hand at using 'plumb larapin' in a sentence? ;o) sorry, I didn't have the extra entries details up last night, it just popped into my head this morning.

  4. I am English and I don't understand! To me, there is just "American", which is probably just as bad as Americans thinking all English people sound the same!

  5. you crack me up, so as tempted i was 2 google i didn't b/c right now I am laripin up my beer

  6. Thanks for playing, Katherine! That one will get you an extra entry! hahahahaha

  7. Well, I can't fairly enter because curiosity got the better of me and I googled it. Thanks for introducing me to that little bit of Southern style, though!

  8. It looks like the phrase of a Fairy Godmother or a Magician o_o'

    ...Yeah, i now. This is stupid XDDD

  9. -petit: lol--Thanks for playing! That is great and it would make a great incantation! You just earned an extra entry!!

    Lisa: Well, curiousity killed the extra entry! hahahahah Be sure and work plumb larapin into your dinner conversations. ;o)

  10. My elderly aunt in the South said this in front of me before, or else I never would have heard of it! "These deep-fried bacon grits are plumb larapin'!" (She didn't say plumb, though.)

    eemoody77 at gmail dot com

  11. LoL!!! Wait a minute now... colloquialism is a very standard word. It might not be conversational friendly, but it is very paper friendly...even if I have to sic the dictionary on it every now and then. *grin*
    Great post. Stumped on the quiz. ;-)

  12. Thanks! Glad I'm not the only needing a dictionary!! And it means so delicious you can't stand it!! Out of this world delicious! Speaking in tongues and slap yo mama, delicious!!


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