Inspiration From The Distant Past

Inspiration From The Distant Past
Found note in an old book... warms the cockles of my bookish heart...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Books As Decor: Thinking Outside the Bookshelf

Recently, I posted links to 'how to make beautiful book covers' tutorials that I discovered on two terrific decor/diy blogs. 

The consensus from readers: 

What lovely bookcovers! But I'm just not the crafty type! 

Well, bloggy bookworm friends, here is book decor idea that ab-so-dang-lutely requires no crafting!

The only requirements are old books and an aesthetic eye.  Old books, check. Aesthetic eye... hmm... don't know...

  But surely even we can think outside the bookshelf and arrange books in an aesthetically pleasing way.  (not sure about the fork though-- I'd probably place it on a stack of cookbooks but maybe that would be too themey)

Kim at Savvy Southern Style has a penchant for old books and frequently uses them in her decor.  And she doesn't rip the covers off!  Three cheers for Kim!

As a newbie to the Nifty Thrifty Tuesday linky party at Coastal Charm, Kim's books made me feel right at home.  Especially when I saw this:

Two cool old dictionaries and the Complete Shortstories of Somerset Maugham! Have you read any Maugham? I read and liked his Razor's Edge four years ago and would love to find a haul like this.

 Can you believe Kim found these at a thrift store for one dollar each! Wow! 

Kim, you are officially invited to join in Mrs. BG'a Bargain Book Bonanza linky party anytime! 

 Since Kim is a decor blogger who decorates with books, I had to ask if she is also a bookworm.

What is your guess? Yea or nay?

I guessed yea but Kim said:

I wish I loved to read, but I don't. My mom is an avid reader and some how that gene was left out of me. I think I took after my dad on that one.

Not a bookworm yet she appreciates the beauty of old books.  And did I mention that she rescues old books.

 Did you hear that Restoration Hardware? 

Rescue not torture!

Please visit Kim at Savvy Southern Style for more delightful decor ideas.

So what do you think, bookworms? More appealing than pretty bookcovers?

A big thank you to Kim for letting me share her photos and spotlight her blog! 


  1. This I can handle!
    I used to have stacks of beautiful books, coffee table books, and used them instead of side tables (I added coasters).
    I loved to look at them.
    Alas, I had children who love a good marker and the sound of they were put away.
    One day. One day.

    Not a fan of the fork either, but I could see a pretty paperweight or one of those pretty, old, and smaller doorstops. Maybe a picture in a frame. Definite possibilities!

  2. Leslie, your kids stop you from making book stack tables, and my hubby stops me! I once used beautiful books to make an end table for our lounge room (a piece of furniture we don't own, btw) and he nearly had a conniption. I think I'll keep him and do without the book-stack-tables.

  3. Thanks for the shout out of my book decor. Yes, I love decorating with them and I do look at my decor books and read now and then on vacation. Sorry, but I have torn covers off of very cheap paperbacks!

  4. Kim: you're welcome! That is ok-- nobody is perfect! we still like you anyway! ;o)

  5. DeLynne: What was his objection? Did he fear the books might be damaged or does he just prefer real furniture?

    There are growing dusty skyscrapers of books in my house but they aren't pretty. No beautiful coffeetable books.

    Wonder if I could get by with calling them occasional tables until I get more bookcases. Doubt anyone would buy it but it sounds better! ;o

  6. I'm smiling at that antler in the first picture. Certainly don't need to give Mr. B anymore ideas. Already have an Elk on an entry wall, a deer in the computer room with something else coming from the last hunt.
    In a pottery barn catalog, I liked how they stacked some books inside one of their large lanterns.

  7. I love these. I know in the future when I have my own place, I will be decorating my house with antique looking books - as well as nice coffee tables ones.

  8. Georgia: are any of the antlers smallish/narrow? If so, maybe they could double as book holders. ;o)

    Jillian: Yeah, can't go wrong with book decor! and I know yours will be lovely and intact!

  9. Brilliant! I love it! I should buy a vintage clear cover cake pan and try this.

  10. Love this post. I have books all over my house. I have been collecting books forever and until my husband builds me the library I have been dreaming about they are scattered all over the house. I have been taking pics of all my books so I can do a post about them!


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